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We/Us/Our/Laferla/Laferla Group means Laferla Insurance Agency Ltd. and/or Laferla Holdings Ltd. and/or Laferla Services Ltd. and/or any other company with the same direct or indirect control that may be formed within this same group.

You/Your/Yourself means the User of the Website / Sites.

The following policy concerns Laferla Insurance Agency Limited and its associated and parent companies and any other company under the same direct or indirect control (referred to collectively as “Laferla”) that may make use of this website.

Laferla uses cookies to offer users an optimal browsing experience that matches their needs, and to protect and improve its website. Please read this cookies policy carefully to inform yourself about Laferla’s responsible cookie use, and about your options for configuring your browser and managing cookies.


Cookies are small data files that are generated in users’ computers allowing us to see how often you visit our website, the most selected contents, and the security elements that may help control access to restricted areas.  In addition, cookies allow us to display advertisements based on criteria defined in advance by Laferla and which are activated by cookies. Such cookies are used by Laferla or by Third Parties providing services on its behalf.

As a general rule, there are the following types of cookies:

Depending on when they expire:

  • Session cookies: Expire at the end of a session.
  • Persistent cookies: Do not expire at the end of a session.

Depending on where they come from:

  • Origin: Enabled by the website being navigated.
  • Third-party cookies: Cookies from other websites.

Depending on their purpose:

  • Technical: allow navigation and use of different services.
  • Personalisation: allow access to services with predefined features.
  • Analysis: allow the monitoring and analysis of user behaviour.
  • Advertising: allow the management of advertising spaces.
  • Behavioural advertising: allow the management of advertising spaces. They store information about user behaviour.

What types of cookies do we use and why?

The following are the types of cookies used on this website and their use:

1. Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to collect statistics on user activity. The statistics they analyse include the number of users who have visited the website and the number of pages they visited.  In addition, the cookies also collect information about user activity and usage frequency on the website.

The information that is collected is always anonymous, so that no link can be drawn between the data and the individual to which they refer.

2. Authentication cookies

These cookies are used to maintain user sessions during each visit. They predominate in private areas of the website that require a username and password for access.

3. Cookies used by social networks

These cookies make it possible for users to share contents of interest to them with their contacts in a social network by pressing the corresponding button (plug-in) inserted into the website.

These plug-ins store and access the cookies on the user’s terminal, and allow the social network to identify their users when they interact with the plug-ins.

4. Cookies used by external content add-ons

These cookies are necessary for providing certain types of service and are stored by third parties.

This cookie category includes, for example, multi-media player cookies that are used for storing technical data to play video or audio contents such as, image quality, loading settings, etc.

5. Third-party cookies for personalising advertising spaces

These cookies make it possible to manage the advertising spots users see when they access the website. They are stored by third parties.

Who accesses the information from the cookies?

The information stored in the cookies is used exclusively by Laferla and Third Parties providing services on its behalf (for example, running Laferla’s web marketing campaigns).

Can cookies be disabled?

Except for analytical cookies, the use of cookies affects user privacy, because as a general rule, it makes it possible to relate their content to users’ connecting IP addresses and other personal data such as, to data provided voluntarily.

By accepting this Privacy and Cookies Policy, users consent to generating cookies for the purposes mentioned above.

Notwithstanding the above, if users subsequently decide to eliminate any cookies stored on their computer that necessarily require their consent, they may do so by using the tools their browsers offer for such purposes.

Users who do not accept cookies or later reject them may have the functionalities of the website impaired.

Changes and updates to the Laferla cookies policy

Laferla may modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with legislative or regulatory requirements, or in order to adapt the policy to instructions and recommendations set forth by Regulators. It is therefore recommended to review the Cookies Policy periodically.


We use reasonable efforts to safeguard the integrity, availability and confidentiality of all personal data that we process relating to you and regularly review and enhance our technical, physical and managerial procedures so as to ensure that your personal data is protected from:

  • unauthorised access;
  • improper use or disclosure;
  • unauthorised modification;
  • unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

To this end we have implemented security policies, rules and technical measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control. All our employees and data processors, who have access to and are associated with the processing of personal data, are further obliged to respect the confidentiality of our visitors’ personal data.
By its very nature however the Internet is not a secure medium and data sent via this medium can potentially be subject to unauthorised acts by third parties. We cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of any information passing over our website.

Moreover, data sent via the Internet may be transmitted across international borders even where sender and receiver of information are located in the same country. Consequently, data relating to you may be transmitted via a country having a lower level of data protection than that existing in your country of residence. We shall accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the security of your data while in transit through the Internet.

Links to other Websites

Our website may contain links to third party local and international websites. Please note that such links are not an endorsement by us of any information, products or services in such websites and we shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the content, use, availability, privacy practices or the content of any such websites. Please note that upon linking to such other websites, you will no longer be on our website and you will become subject to the Privacy Policy, if any, of such other website.

No third party is permitted to link any other website to our website without obtaining our prior written consent.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time. It is in your own interest to check this page any time you access our website so as to be aware of any amendments which may have been made.


If you have an enquiry or concern about our Privacy Policy, please contact our Compliance Unit at:

Laferla Insurance Agency Ltd.
P.O. Box 347 Valletta VLT1000 Malta
Phone Number: (+356) 21224405
Email: [email protected]

We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have, which may contribute to our offering you a better quality of service.