Motor Insurance claims

Important Notes

What should I do in case of an accident?

  • Make sure any passengers in your or any other vehicle involved did not suffer any injuries. If anybody has suffered an injury, call the Emergency Helpline ‘112’ immediately.
  • Never discuss or commit to liability with any Third Parties involved. Only discuss accident details with the relevant authorities and us.
  • Do not leave the accident scene until all steps are finished successfully and/or you are told to by the relevant authorities called on site.

Next Steps

Once the above steps are completed, the next step would be reporting the accident to the relevant authorities.

  • If able, take photos of the vehicles in the ‘Point of Impact’ position.
  • For straightforward ‘Front-To-Rear’ Collisions, no authorities are needed. You are required to fill in the Front-To-Rear form.
  • For any other type of accident, in which there are no injuries present, call the Local Wardens on 21 320 202.
  • In case any injuries are involved, the emergency helpline will organise for a police offer to visit the accident site and compile the necessary report.

Roadside Assistance

Should you require Road Side Assistance (and have valid RSA Cover, i.e. vehicle in question is under 3.5 tonnes), call our 24/7 call centre on 2248 0202, give your details to the person who will assist you on the other end of the line, and one of our assistance vehicles would be with you shortly. If vehicle requires towing and the circumstances allow, kindly tow it directly to your repairer, to avoid any extra costs that you may incur for any unnecessary future tows in relation to your incident.

Should you require any further assistance, please contact our motor insurance claims team on [email protected].

Submit your Claim online

The next step is to complete the motor insurance claim form, which you may download below:

Download Motor Insurance Claim Form

Please ensure that your claim form is fully completed, dated and signed. It is of utmost importance that any contact numbers or email addresses included are active and you can be reached easily through these means. We will use e-mail as a primary means of communication.

Please ensure that all necessary documentation is in hand when submitting your claim form. These include:

  • Valid (European) Driving License
  • Fully filled in, dated & signed Front-To-Rear form OR Wardens Report Number OR Police Report Number
  • Photos from the time of accident
  • Clear photos of all damage to your vehicle
  • Third Party Contact Details (if applicable)

It is imperative that we are notified about your incident at the earliest possible instance. If required, we retain the right to ask for any further documentation to proceed with the claim.

Policyholder Details
Bank details
Third Party Contact Details
Document upload

Please ensure that all documents uploaded are clear and fully visible. We may reject claims which are illegible or incomplete.

Motor Insurance Claim Form

Please ensure that your claim form is fully completed, dated and signed.

Front-to-Rear Form (if applicable)

Driving License

Photos from Time of Accident

Photos of all damage to your vehicle


Please submit any other documentation you may have.

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