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Laferla Insurance

Home Insurance Malta

Home Insurance Malta - We all work hard and think about how to live our future. Some of us work to own our own house and enjoy living in our private residence with everything within it. Safeguard what you have worked so hard for with a home insurance plan. Property and home possessions are at risk from dangers that are often beyond our control, and one disaster can have negative consequences on what we have worked hard for.

Although it may not be possible to totally eliminate the risk of unforeseeable risks to one’s home, we can eliminate the financial risks which arise after such a disaster. This simple risk transfer is in essence the reason why it is of such importance for one to take out home insurance coverage.

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Why Choose This Plan?

Laferla Insurance Agency is one of the premier home insurance providers on the market, with a vast amount of experience underwriting risks for family homes, summer houses and rental properties.

  • Very wide cover available
  • Excellent prices and great benefits
  • Cover for buildings, contents, personal belongings, public liability and emergency assistance
  • 24/7 Home Emergency Assistance Service via dedicated call centre
  • 7 Day claims settlement promise

Home Insurance Malta

Home Insurance

Overall Summary

Throughout the course of one’s lifetime, one works hard with the aim of owning and enjoying their own private home and everything within it. This desire in almost all cases takes many years to fulfil. Like anything else in life, one’s property and possessions are at risk from dangers that are often beyond people’s control, and one disaster could easily wipe out everything one has spent years working hard for.

 Although it may not be possible to totally eliminate the risk of unforeseeable risks to one’s home, what can be eliminated is the financial risks which arise after such a disaster. This simple risk transfer is in essence the reason why it is of such importance for one to take out home insurance coverage.

The policy provides cover for:

  • accidental loss or damage to the buildings and/or contents of your home;
  • accidental loss or damage to personal belongings and valuables whilst anywhere in Europe or Worldwide;
  • your liability to others; and
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance, including plumber, electrician and locksmith service

The standard cover also includes:

  • New for Old cover on all contents
  • Trace and Access cover for burst pipes
  • temporary alternative accommodation following a loss;
  • mechanical or electrical breakdown to air-conditioning and energy saving equipment;
  • loss or damage to Christmas, wedding and graduation gifts;
  • loss or damage to locks and keys;
  • freezer contents;
  • personal money including credit and debit cards;
  • pedal cycles and sports equipment; and
  • legal expenses.

24x7 Emergency Assistance

The most innovative part of our Home policy provides you with a 24/7 Emergency Repair Service to secure your home and prevent further loss or damage occurring following an emergency as a result of one of the following occurrences:

  • sudden or unexpected breakdown or damage to piping, leaks from sanitary fixtures and fittings and fixed water installations within your home;
  • complete failure of the electrical supply within your home as a result of a fault or damage to the internal electrical installation;
  • your home being made insecure or if entry is impeded due to loss or theft of keys or damage to locks as a result of theft or any other accidental cause or in the event that a member of your household may have locked himself/herself in a room; or
  • breakage of glazing to external windows or doors which render your home insecure.

The policy will cover the cost of the callout and labour that is necessary for the emergency repair up to a maximum of 2 hours labour and the amount of €200 for each incident and a maximum of 3 during any one period of insurance.

In the event of any of the above occurrences, policyholders may reach our 24/7 Call Centre on +356 2248 0202.

Downloads Section

  1. Policy Wording Documents
  2. Proposal Forms

New Benefit on your Motor Insurance policy when purchasing Home Contents Insurance

If you hold a private Comprehensive Motor insurance policy and also a Home Contents insurance policy, in the case of a motor accident, we will waive the compulsory excess on your motor claim.

That means more value for money to you.



  • Only when a claim is made against the policy and the policy pays a portion towards the claim, will the Excess Waiver come into effect;
  • If the Policy was issued with an excess which is higher than the compulsory excess, we will only waive the part of the compulsory excess and you will have to pay the difference;
  • If the corresponding Home insurance policy is in joint names of two or more persons, the Excess Waiver will only apply to the eldest joint-insured named in the Schedule attaching to the policy;
  • The Excess Waiver will be limited to the first claim made against the Policy during the period of insurance.

E-mail us or call on 2124 0828 for more information!

How to Make a Claim

  • Notification of the claim must be made to the Company as soon as the loss occurs
  • If you cannot find a downloadable claim form on our website, please contact our offices immediately
  • The claim form must be supported by all necessary documentation/reports/estimates
  • Upon receipt of all the above, the company will be in a position to consider the claim submitted in the light of the Policy wording

Where applicable, In the event of loss/damage you must:

  • Provide at your own expense all the information and help we need
  • Retain all damaged items for us to view, test or inspect
  • Take photographs as necessary to prove your loss/damage
  • Tell the police immediately about any property which has been lost, stolen or maliciously damaged
  • Do all you reasonably can to recover any lost or stolen property
  • Provide us with details of any third parties which could be involved in the loss/damages you have suffered
  • Forward us immediately and unanswered any legal documents served on you in connection with any claim for legal liability arising from injury or damage
  • Not discuss, admit, reject or negotiate any claim with anyone else without our written permission
  • Always act as if you are uninsured to try and minimise the loss as much as possible
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