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MotorMax Young Driver Insurance

MotorMax is a new product that is ideal for young (18 to 30-year-old) drivers. MotorMax offers more than just the traditional cover and protection. The policy promotes driver's safety but the policyholders can also benefit from up to 40% additional discount (over and above up to 70% No Claims Discount) on their car insurance, based on their driving performance.

MotorMax uses the latest Insurance Telematics technology to record your driving performance. MotorMax helps with theft claims, too. In the case of theft, we will be able to locate your car and inform the authorities. MotorMax also helps to identify when the insured is involved in bad accident (by recording the force of impact). In case of a bad accident, we will immediately dispatch our Roadside Assistance team and call the insured on their mobile phone. In case the insured does not answer the phone, an ambulance will also be dispatched.

Note: Laferla and Middlesea can never see one's particular driving data or location (except in the case of theft or a bad accident), but only aggregate data at the end of the policy period, to determine whether discounts apply.


Keep track of your statistics via our iOS and Android app!


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Why Choose This Plan?

  • Up to 70% No Claims Discount
  • Up to 40% additional discount based on your driving performance
  • Device fitted at our cost, not yours!
  • Fully comprehensive cover
  • Car localisation and assistance in the case of theft or accidents
  • FREE 24/7 Breakdown assistance throughout Malta and Europe via a dedicated call centre
  • 7 Day claims settlement promise

MotorMax Young Driver Insurance

MotorMax Intelligent Young Driver Insurance - How does it work?

MotorMax is an intelligent and innovative insurance product. It is especially designed to put you in control of your motor insurance premium as your driving performance can help you save money on your insurance. The concept is simple - we’ll install a little telematics device in your car, at our cost. This device will inform you and us about how well you drive by calculating your MotorMax Factor. 

Upon enrolment in the scheme you will receive a one-time enrolment discount that will be applicable until the end of your Assessment Period. Safe drivers can earn a discount of up to 40% on their premium at renewal.


How do I get a discount?

The following driving habits could lead you to discounts on your Renewal Premium:

  • Driving within the legal speed limits
  • Low mileage
  • Limiting the use of your car during the night (between 0:00 and 4:59am)

You can view the information collected from your device via an online portal and a mobile app. This information helps you to manage your insurance costs. This data can only be viewed by you. We receive only aggregate data and your privacy is guaranteed!


Have a look at the infographic below:


 MotorMax Intelligent Young Driver Insurance
We fit an intelligent little telematics device into your car, at our cost. Upon purchasing the policy, we will give you an appointment for installation of the device,  which takes approximately one hour and does not 
damage your vehicle.
MotorMax Intelligent Young Driver Insurance 
The device records some data such as speed, time of day and mileage. We can only see your aggregate (yearly) MotorMax Score upon renewal; and not any personal or sensitive information (except in case of a claim, when we may use the device to locate your vehicle following a theft; or locate you and send assistance following an accident).
 MotorMax Intelligent Young Driver Insurance You may access your records and data via our iOS & Android app for smartphones and tablets.

App Store

Google Play Store

MotorMax Intelligent Young Driver Insurance
Good drivers may be rewarded with up to 40% additional discount on their renewal premium (over and above their No Claims Discount)! 

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The discount given by the company is not static and is subject to change upon renewal of your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is MotorMax?

Motormax is Malta’s first usage based insurance. Motormax introduces a new concept – Pay as you Drive. The cost of your insurance is calculated based on how you drive and not based on age. The better you drive the less expensive is your insurance.

This data can only be viewed by you. We receive only aggregate data and your privacy is guaranteed!


How does the telematics device work?

A tracker is equipped with GSM and GPS technology. You vehicle whereabouts are identified through GPS and all data is sent using GSM (mobile phone networks). The location of the vehicle is only viewable through the official MotorMax app or web-portal which is only accessible to you. You can also access other vehicle data such as speed, ignition status and other vehicle parameters.


Do I have to pay for the telematics device?

No, the company pays for the device and its installation.


How is the data used?

The information is used to analyse your driving behaviour and to verify your policy details as well as whether you qualify for a discount.


How will I be able to tell if my premium is going to change?

We provide you with access to your online web portal and mobile app where you can view your MotorMax discount factor and driving reports. We will contact you at the time of renewal and give you notice of the percentage discount for which you qualify.


How can I download the app?

The app is downloadable from Google Play or from Apple App store. You can install it on your phone and log into your account to start monitoring your driving habits with ease. You also can locate your car in real time. All this for your peace of mind!


What other features are included in the app?

You can locate your car in real time. You will also receive notifications if your car has moved and also send for Middlesea Assist your current location all in a touch of button. Should your parking meter expire MotorMax app will alert you immediately! We have also thought about your safety and should you crash with your car our call centre will receive an alert and contact you immediately.  At the end of each day you can monitor your average speed, total mileage and also see how many hours you have driven at night. Now isn’t that cool?


What data does the device collect?

The device collects information about when the car is used, how far it travels and its location, as well as data on your driving behaviour including speed.


What happens if I would like to change my car?

If you change your car you need to uninstall the telematics device from your old car and transfer it to your new vehicle.


Why do I need to install a telematics device in my car?

MotorMax is an insurance policy which rewards good driving behaviour. To assess your driving, we need to install a telematics device to collect various information from the vehicle such as location, when and how it is driven. It is a condition of this policy that the device is installed in your vehicle within 28 days of purchase of the policy. This is so we can start as quickly as possible to accurately measure how the vehicle is being driven.


Will I have a curfew with the policy?

No, you can drive at any time of the day or night with no curfew – however frequently driving at night time (between 0:00 and 04:59 am), will reduce your driving score.


How do I apply?

Just contact or visit our offices in Valletta, or one of our authorised intermediaries and you are on your way to get MotorMaxed! When you purchase the insurance policy you will be given an appointment for installation of the MotorMax device. Our telematics partner – HandsOn Systems, located in Qormi, carries out the installation. Click here for directions.