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Laferla Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Classic car collectors love their cars. They make sure they’re safe, they’re working well and they’re always clean. The joy of maintaining an antique vehicle is one second to none for old vehicle enthusiasts. That is why many seek to have the best possible insurance coverage for their vehicle, in order to guarantee their investment is safe-guarded..

Being a family-run business, the company gives personalised attention to providing customer satisfaction through prompt and fair claims settlements. In fact, the company boasts of settling all valid claims within a period of seven days from receipt of the completed claim form and supporting documentation.  

Why Choose This Plan?

  • Very wide cover available
  • Excellent rates and terms
  • FREE 24/7 Breakdown assistance throughout Malta and Europe via a dedicated call centre
  • 7 Day claims settlement promise

How to Make a Claim

  • Notification of the claim must be made to the Company as soon as the loss occurs
  • If you cannot find a downloadable claim form on our website, please contact our offices immediately
  • The claim form must be supported by all necessary documentation/reports/estimates
  • Upon receipt of all the above, the company will be in a position to consider the claim submitted in the light of the Policy wording

Where applicable, In the event of loss/damage you must:

  • Provide at your own expense all the information and help we need
  • Retain all damaged items for us to view, test or inspect
  • Take photographs as necessary to prove your loss/damage
  • Tell the police immediately about any property which has been lost, stolen or maliciously damaged
  • Do all you reasonably can to recover any lost or stolen property
  • Provide us with details of any third parties which could be involved in the loss/damages you have suffered
  • Forward us immediately and unanswered any legal documents served on you in connection with any claim for legal liability arising from injury or damage
  • Not discuss, admit, reject or negotiate any claim with anyone else without our written permission
  • Always act as if you are uninsured to try and minimise the loss as much as possible
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