Motor Excess Waiver Benefit

If you hold a private Comprehensive Motor insurance policy and also a Home Contents insurance policy, in the case of a motor accident, we will waive the compulsory excess on your motor claim.

That means more value for money to you.

  • Only when a claim is made against the policy and the policy pays a portion towards the claim, will the Excess Waiver come into effect;
  • If the Policy was issued with an excess which is higher than the compulsory excess, we will only waive the part of the compulsory excess and you will have to pay the difference;
  • If the corresponding Home insurance policy is in joint names of two or more persons, the Excess Waiver will only apply to the eldest joint-insured named in the Schedule attaching to the policy;
  • The Excess Waiver will be limited to the first claim made against the Policy during the period of insurance.