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Laferla Insurance has been one of the major players in the Maltese health insurance market since 1987. We have created the ideal branded health insurance plans to offer you private health insurance services with the excellent level of service you have come to expect from us.


Our flagship product – the Laferla International Gold Plan covers you for worldwide medical treatment up to €750,000. You will also benefit from emergency cover in the USA and Canada up to €50,000.

The International Gold Plan offers you an unmatched range of benefits. This Plan covers you in full for all reasonable charges for hospitalisation and surgeries. It also provides a full refund of reasonable charges for cancer treatment. Moreover, you will enjoy excellent cover for Out-Patient consultations and tests.

Further unique additional benefits also offered under the Laferla International Gold Plan include:

  • Pregnancy cover up to €5,000 for costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Medicines prescribed on an Out-Patient basis, as well as vaccinations;
  • Preventive and Routine Care cover including Annual Preventive Dental Treatment; as well as Routine Eyesight Testing (including the cost of prescription glasses); Skin Cancer Screening; Breast and Prostate Screening; Annual blood tests; and Bone Density Scanning; and
  • Cover for dental treatment.

Please refer to the Table of Benefits for more information and a full list of benefits. Also refer to our Health Insurance Policy document for full terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the policy.

Main Benefits:

  • Worldwide Cover
  • Full Refund cover for Hospitalisation & Surgical Procedures
  • Cover for Cancer Treatment
  • Cover for Out-Patient GP & Specialist Consultations and Tests up to €5,000 per year
  • Pregnancy Cover - a unique benefit in Malta - up to €5,000
  • Full Refund Cover for Alternative Therapy, including Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture & Chiropractic Treatment
  • Full Refund Cover for CT and MRI Scans
  • Out-Patient Medicines Cover
  • Cover for Vaccinations
  • Preventive Care Cover (including Cover for Routine check-ups) with excellent benefits
  • Dental Cover - a unique benefit in Malta
  • Second Medical Opinion Cover
  • Mediphone Service - 24/7 Medical Assistance Call Centre

Please download the Table of Benefits for a detailed list of benefits and limits.

Laferla Health Insurance – International Gold Plan Benefits

Laferla Healthplans – Health Insurance Policy

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Laferla Health Insurance - Comparative Table of Benefits

Benefit Description

Bronze Plan
Silver Plan
Gold Plan
International Silver Plan
International Gold Plan

Cover in Malta

Very Limited

Worldwide Cover

Very Limited




Very Limited

Surgical Procedures

Very Limited

Cancer Treatment

Very Limited

Out-Patient GP Consultations

Very Limited

Out-Patient Specialist Consultations

Very Limited

MRI & CT Scans

Very Limited

Alternative Therapy

Second Medical Opinion Service

Mediphone - 24/7 Medical Assistance Call Centre

Pregnancy Cover

Preventive Care & Routine Examinations

Dental Treatment

Out-Patient Prescribed Drugs

Out-Patient Vaccinations

Chronic Medical Conditions