The following are the Standard exclusions applicable under the Home policy.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Exclusion:
It is hereby declared and agreed that cover under this policy specifically excludes any loss or damage to or liability howsoever arising from and to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Endorsement applicable to Section 1 – Buildings, Section 2 – Contents and Section 3 – Personal Belongings:


  1. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary within this insurance agreement, this insurance agreement excludes any loss, damage, liability, claim, cost or expense of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly caused by, contributed to by, resulting from, arising out of, or in connection with a Communicable Disease or the fear or threat (whether actual or perceived) of a Communicable Disease regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence thereto.
  2. As used herein, a Communicable Disease means any disease which can be transmitted by means of any substance or agent from any organism to another organism where:
    1. the substance or agent includes, but is not limited to, a virus, bacterium, parasite or other organism or any variation thereof, whether deemed living or not, and
    2. the method of transmission, whether direct or indirect, includes but is not limited to, airborne transmission, bodily fluid transmission, transmission from or to any surface or object, solid, liquid or gas or between organisms, and
    3. the disease, substance or agent can cause or threaten damage to human health or human welfare or can cause or threaten damage to, deterioration of, loss of value of, marketability of or loss of use of property.

Endorsement applicable to Section 4 – Liability:

General exclusion for pandemics:

This insurance excludes loss, damage, cost or expense caused by, resulting from, arising out of or related to, either directly or indirectly, or any action taken to hinder, defend against or respond to any Pandemic or fear or threat of a Pandemic, including but not limited to:

  • Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19);
  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);
  • any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2;

This exclusion applies regardless of any other cause or event that in any way contributes concurrently or in any sequence to the loss, damage, cost or expense, and regardless whether or not there is any declaration of an outbreak of a Pandemic by the WHO or any authorised national or international body or legal jurisdiction.

For the purpose of this exclusion, a Pandemic shall be defined as a widespread outbreak of a human infectious disease, i.e. a human-to-human spread of a virus (e.g. influenza, SARS-CoV-2) into at least three countries on two different continents.

Cover options
Buildings insurance cover

Buildings Cover


We need to know the rebuilding value of the property. It does not need to be an official valuation, just an estimate of the cost to rebuild it as it is; including finishing and all that is permanently installed; like bathrooms, kitchen, doors, windows, etc.


Home Contents Cover

(Contents above €2,500)


We would require the approximate total value of all contents within the home, including furniture, personal items, TVs, computers, etc. This doesn’t need to be specified or listed; just a total value. If you have single items worth over €2,500, its receipts/ valuation is requested.

Contents insurance cover

Personal belongings insured outside of the home


The annual indicative price shown is based on a Buildings Sum Insured of €70,000 and Contents Sum Insured of €25,000, including document duty and policy fee.

Coverage period
Discount options
Maximum total discount - 20%
Coverage total
€70,000 - Buildings
€25,000 - Contents
Coverage duration
365 days
string(34) "hasPersonalBelongingsCover - false" string(23) "buildingsSumVar - 70000" string(22) "contentsSumVar - 25000" string(20) "monthsUnoccupied - 0" string(23) "hasBurglarAlarm - false" string(34) "hasPersonalBelongingsCover - false" string(17) "daysInsured - 365" array(2) { ["premium"]=> string(3) "160" ["levy"]=> string(4) "17.6" } NULL
TOTAL | per year
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