Travel Insurance claims

Important Notes

  • Before submitting your claim, you must complete the appropriate claim form and ensure that all supporting documentation is in hand.
  • You may download the travel insurance claim form below:

Download Travel Insurance Claim Form

  • Claims are to be submitted within 3 months from your date of loss.


We will always require a completed claim form, copy of your passport, and any relevant itinerary and tickets.

Claims for Damaged Luggage (Airline Baggage Handling)
We will require your Boarding Pass, Baggage Tags and Property Irregularity Report. We also require photos of damaged luggage.

Claims for Damage or Loss of Items
If you are claiming for loss or theft of personal belongings, we will require a copy of the police report.
In case you are claiming for loss or theft of any electronic equipment, we will also require you to bring us the item’s box, charger and warranty / receipt or proof of purchase.
If you are claiming for damage to electronic equipment, we will also require a technician’s report confirming the extent of damage.

Claims for Theft of Money
For claims relating to Theft of Money, we require a police report, affidavit, receipt of foreign exchange or withdrawal chit / bank statement.

Claims for Medical Expenses
To claim for any medical expenses incurred, you must submit a hospital / Doctor’s report and receipts of all costs relating to your treatment.

Claims for Delayed Departure
We will require a written confirmation form your airline of number of hours delayed.

Claims for Missed Departure
Supporting documentation is required to show why your flight was missed and receipts of expenses incurred as a result.

Claims for Delayed Luggage
If your luggage is delayed and you incur expenses for necessary items, we require receipts pertaining to such purchases. We also require a confirmation from your airline or hotel confirming when your luggage was delivered to you.

Claims for Trip Cancellation
If your trip was cancelled due to illness, we will require a Doctor’s Certificate. If your trip was cancelled due to any other reason which is claimable under your policy, you must provide evidence of this.

Should you require any further assistance, please contact our travel insurance claims team on [email protected].

Submit your Claim online

Please fill in the below form to submit your claim online. You are required to submit your completed claim form together with any supporting documents as required by us to assess your claim.

We reserve the right to ask you to submit the original claim form, receipts and supporting documents.

Policyholder Details
Bank details
Document upload

Please ensure that all documents uploaded are clear and fully visible. We may reject claims which are illegible or incomplete.

Travel Insurance Claim Form

Please ensure that your claim form is fully completed, dated and signed.


Itinerary and Tickets

Supporting Documentation


Please submit any other documentation you may have.

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