Business Insurance

We understand that your business requires your full attention and investment. So, allow us to assist you with protecting what you have built and continue to grow – while you focus on what you do best.


Struggling to understand and put together your business insurance needs? Laferla’s expert team can guide you to choose the right business insurance plan and get the best protection for your business interest.

As an entrepreneur, your focus should be on constantly looking to better your products and services, and grow your business steadily. Our SME Insurance Policy, designed specifically for Small and Medium Enterprises, is an excellent business solution to safeguard your entrepreneurial accomplishments.

Does my business classify as an SME?

In the European Union, SMEs make up 99% of all enterprises and account for around two-thirds of total employment. No wonder SMEs are widely regarded as the backbone of the European economy.

The European Commission defines an SME as any business having:

  • Less than 250 persons employed;
  • An annual turnover of up to €50 million; or
  • A balance sheet total of up to €43 million.

If your business fall within these categories, then you may take advantage of the excellent cover which the SME Insurance Policy provides.

What if my business is classified as a Large company?

If you run a larger corporation, we can still offer you an excellent insurance solution. Laferla can combine most of the advantages of the SME policy, conveniently into one package.

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