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Follow our 6 tips to plan a fantastic honeymoon on a budget

Engagement brings along with it a lot of exciting preparations; from choosing a venue to composing a guest list to selecting the perfect attire. Apart from the wedding itself, the most exciting part is, of course, the honeymoon. Many dream about travelling to far-away exotic lands with their significant other, experiencing life to its fullest to celebrate new beginnings. 

Tips to plan a fantastic honeymoon on a budget

Although this may sound like it will cost a fortune, keep in mind that this can easily be done at a very reasonable price. If you plan ahead and be smart about your choice, you can enjoy your adventure of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Keep reading to discover the different ways  you can plan a fantastic honeymoon on a budget!

1. Set Your Goals

First things first, you need to decide on your goals and your budget for this trip. Whether you and your partner would like to escape from everyday life for a few days is a different story than if you would like to explore new cities or explore the wilderness, for example. Once this step is ticked off, you will be able to plan more effectively with a clear picture in mind of what you and your partner are truly aiming for.  

2. Choose a Cheap Destination

Tips to plan a fantastic honeymoon on a budget

The next step would be to choose a destination with a lower cost of living than in your own country. In this way, you will be able to indulge in the good life and visit the most picturesque of places, on a reasonably low budget. For instance, several Southeast Asian countries, South American countries and Eastern European countries are among some of the cheapest places to travel to. 

3. Travel Off-Season

Another point to consider is travelling during the off-season, when prices are low and the crowds are gone. This will be much cheaper and you have the added benefit of feeling like you have the entire place to yourself! A variety of destinations around the world enjoy a pleasant climate all-year round, such as many Caribbean islands, the Canary Islands, as well as several South American nations. This is especially relevant if you are dreaming of going on a cruise vacation as prices in this industry drop drastically during the off-season months, usually in April or October.

4. Book as Early as Possible 

By booking early, you will be able to take advantage of all the good deals before everyone else does. This will also guarantee that all the low-priced yet fancy rooms will still be in abundance. Flight tickets will also be significantly cheaper the earlier you book them. Just remember, booking in the last minute, most of the time, only causes stress and unnecessary over-spending!

5. Prepare your Own Meals

Tips to plan a fantastic honeymoon on a budget

When travelling on a budget, booking a hotel as your accommodation can be quite costly due to the high rates involved. Alternatively, stay in a villa or an apartment with cooking facilities, so you will be able to enjoy some quality time cooking delicious meals with your other half. To make this extra special, be sure to equip yourself with some candles and a romantic playlist before going away!

6. Consider Alternative Airports 

Try to avoid travelling to a country’s major airports as much as possible and instead opt for smaller or farther airports. In this way, flight tickets are bound to be more affordable. If you are the adventurous kind of traveller, it might also be a good idea if you consider arriving to your destination using different modes of transport, say first take a plane, then catch a train and finally hop on a boat! This will be a much cheaper option, as well as being much more exciting too.

On top of all these, you should also consider getting a travel insurance for you and your partner as to have the ultimate peace of mind you deserve while on the honeymoon of your dreams!

Find out more about travel insurance and get a free online quote today!

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