Why Boating might be the Best Way to Self-Distance this Summer

Why Boating might be the Best Way to Self-Distance this Summer

If you’ve always dreamt of owning your own boat, the need to self-distance this summer means it may be the perfect time to take the plunge, or to convince your significant other to, excuse the pun, get on board. Staying away from the crowds is key to making sure your family keeps safe during these uncertain times, and although you cannot put a price on your health, owning a boat doesn’t have to break the bank. From open boats to the biggest of superyachts, there are many different options to choose from which all serve the purpose.

We’ve listed the top reasons to consider boat ownership this summer, just in case you, or anyone else, weren’t convinced yet:


1. Boating offers an Alternative to Vacations

A boat may not bring with it endless amounts of cotton candy and life-size versions of your kid’s favourite TV character like the theme park you had originally booked did, but it will keep the little ones entertained until they go back to school. More importantly though, whilst still generating screams of excitement from your kids, it offers a sense of escape and serves as a holiday for mum and dad too, not just the little ones.


2. A Seaside Visit without the Crowds

Although you might be following social distancing measures, this does not mean that everybody else is too. Relaxing onboard your own vessel means that you will always be a safe distance away from other people. And whilst you may not be able to visit a new country, you can still visit secluded places you may have never been to before because they are only reachable by boat. You will be surprised by the number of hidden coves and isolated beautiful beaches that you can discover when out at sea.


3. It’s Not Necessarily as Expensive as you’d Think

Granted, owning a boat can come with a lot of expenses, from fuel to storage costs, as well as maintenance and berthing fees. But it doesn’t have to be so pricey.  If you want to save a little cash, the best next thing to owning a boat is part-owning a boat.  Companies like the MemberBoats Club allow members to use their boats for an unlimited amount of time (subject to availability) all year round for part of the cost of buying a boat yourself. Charter boats will also do trick, whether it’s a relaxing sailing boat from Malta Charters or a sleek motor yacht from Sunseeker Malta, who clean and sanitise the boats for a worry-free charter. Both club and charter options offer all the perks of owning a vessel without having to worry about maintenance or cleaning, as well as paperwork and berthing.

Sunseeker Malta’s Sam K for self-distancing
Sunseeker Malta’s Sam K

4. Healthy Isolation

Let’s be honest, although self-isolation is good for our physical health, it’s not great for our mental wellbeing. Whilst an emphasis has been placed on making sure the virus doesn’t spread, it is important to make sure your mental health doesn’t deteriorate when self-distancing. A boating day would serve to protect both, allowing you to isolate yourself and your family whilst getting a wisp of fresh air and an occasional slap of seawater across the face to ensure you get to free your mind too.


5. Not just Sailing

The fun onboard a boat does not need to end with sailing. You can easily spend hours on other activities such as fishing, snorkelling, diving, marine-life spotting, water sports, and, if you spend the night on board, why not spend some time stargazing as you sail away from the city lights?


6. Flexible Holiday

From afternoon escapes to overnight stays and even week-long trips, you can choose which type of holiday is best for you and your family. Give yourself the freedom to go whenever you want for as long as you like.


If you decide to protect your family and purchase a boat to make sure you stay away from the crowds, don’t forget that your boat needs to be protected too. With Boat Insurance from Laferla, you will benefit from an excellent cover allowing you to sail with the ultimate peace of mind. Get a free online quote today!


Axopars from the MemberBoats Club for self-distancing
Axopars from the MemberBoats Club