We Answer your Insurance Questions

We Answer your Insurance Questions

Insurance can be a complicated topic and we may sometimes feel lost on what to do.  Whether you’re buying your first car, a new home or perhaps are worried about your health?   At Laferla, our 35 plus years of experience means that we are knowledgeable about all different areas of insurance, and so we are sharing with you the answers to our most frequently asked insurance questions, so that insurance will not feel as daunting anymore.


  1. Can a client transfer a motor policy from their current car to their new car?

If a client already has a motor policy and buys another car, the client has to take out a new policy on the new car as the policy is not transferable.  But if you have a No Claims Discount (NCD – also commonly referred to as a No Claims Bonus or NCB), then you can transfer your NCD onto the new car.


  1. Can a client’s NCD be used on more than 1 vehicle at a time?

If a client has a policy with an NCD on it and buys another / additional car, the NCD cannot be duplicated. Therefore, one policy must begin building a fresh NCD from the beginning. In simple terms, each vehicle has its own NCD, so if a client has 3 vehicles, he must have 3 separate NCD’s.


  1. Can a client transfer their NCD on their vehicle to their daughter/ son?

No, the NCD is not transferable to one’s children, but it is transferable between spouses. It also can be kept ‘inactive’ for up to 2 years, if you for example sell or garage your car and do not use the NCD on a new one right away.


  1. I have just had a motor accident. Do I need to call the wardens or the police?

For straightforward ‘Front-To-Rear’ Collisions, no authorities are needed onsite. All drivers involved in the accident are required to fill in and sign the Front-To-Rear form.  Only if an agreement is not reached in respect of front to rear collisions, should the wardens be called so that an official report is lodged and statements are taken from drivers.

For any other type of accident, in which there are no injuries present, call the Local Wardens on 21 320 202. If anybody has suffered an injury, call the Emergency Helpline ‘112’ immediately where the helpline will also organise for a police officer to visit the accident site and compile the necessary report.


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  1. I have health insurance. What clinic can I go to?

As part of a good health insurance cover, all clinics in Malta are covered.  At Laferla, our international packages also cover clinics and hospitals all over the world, however, one should note that treatment in USA & Canada is limited and fees are paid based on fair & reasonable charges.


  1. Am I covered for COVID-19 with a health insurance policy?

Although this may not be the case for all insurance providers, at Laferla we cover all medical expenses according to your policy benefits. COVID-19 is treated by the policy as any other regular virus, and therefore is not excluded by our health insurance policy.


  1. How can I claim my money back for the medical treatment?

In case of In-Patient & Day – Case treatment, once you are admitted to the hospital, please provide your health policy details or insurance membership card to the staff. They will contact us directly in order to confirm treatment and organise a direct settlement.

In case of Out-Patient treatment, you will need to provide us with the following documents:

  • A Claim form, completed and signed by yourself and the treating doctor(s)
  • Originals receipts
  • Medical reports and results, and all other supporting documentation.


  1. Are dental treatments covered by my policy?

Not all insurance providers and policies cover dental.  But at Laferla – we do! Our Gold Health Insurance plans also include limited coverage of dental treatments.


  1. Are routine check-ups covered by my health plan?

Not all insurance providers and policies cover routine check-ups.  But at Laferla – we do! Our Gold Health Insurance plans include limited coverage of certain routine check-ups.


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  1. When am I going to receive payment for a health claim which was submitted?

Depending on whether we have all the documentation and there are no complications, at Laferla all valid and eligible claims are settled within 7 working days from the date of receiving all necessary documents.


  1. Do I need to file any reports to claim for stolen items?

For claims regarding theft or loss of items insured under your home or travel insurance policy, you will need to file a police report and send a copy of the report to your insurance providers.


  1. Is my share of the lift covered under my home insurance?

Yes, if you take out a home insurance policy and your home is part of an apartment block or communal area, your share will also be covered. Hence, when calculating your policy sum insured, you should also keep your share of the common parts and communal lift or equipment in mind.


At Laferla, our experience in the industry is reflected not only in our knowledge and deep understanding of the market, but in our personalised and professional service. For more information or if you have any other insurance questions, feel free to get in touch with us!