Travel Troubles and How to Deal with Them

Travel Troubles and How to Deal with Them

Although you might be fully equipped with useful and emergency traveller must-haves, accidents can strike at any time whilst you’re on holiday. However, if you keep certain information in mind and get yourself registered under a travel insurance policy you might be able to avoid negative consequences. Haven’t got your travel insurance yet? You may benefit from Laferla’s extensive travel cover. Get a free quote today.

In the meantime here are a couple of tips to help you out with any travel troubles that you may have whilst on holiday.

Lost Passport

Losing your passport whilst travelling is a nightmarish situation. If you haven’t had any luck finding it anywhere, then its time to contact your embassy, travel insurance provider or the local police station in the country you’re in to report it missing. Click here to find the contact details of Embassies all across the globe.

Mobile Trouble

Carrying a mobile phone when travelling abroad in case of emergencies has become a necessity. Mobile devices can act as your GPS, translator and communicative safety net. However, data roaming costs and poor reception at your destination can sometimes leave you uncontactable. Acquiring an international SIM card can help you reduce your fees and keep your mind at rest.

You can now even purchase low cost pre-paid instant messaging sim cards from ChatSim, which allow users to access their favourite instant messaging app around the world and send text messages (media messages come at an extra charge). The card costs just €10 for the basic package (allowing you to send unlimited text messages including emoji characters for 12 months) and currently works on 400 mobile networks in 150 countries.

Currency Exchange

If you need to convert your money into another currency, forget going to a bank or exchange bureau. Although some banks charge fees to use them, foreign ATMs still offer the best conversion rates.

Car Hire and Transport

The expenses of travelling can mount up quickly if you do not plan in advance. Do yourself a favour before you commence your journey and research bus routes, train timetables and other means of travel. You might be able to get discounts if you purchase your travel tickets in advance by avoiding long queues and saving a great sum of money.

On the other hand, if you’re hiring a car it can often involve multiple hidden costs. Thinking ahead about different car rental and insurance companies is vital. Always check what’s included in the car hire and read the fine print. Also, consider annual insurance instead of daily or top-up insurance so that you won’t have to pay excess fees. Check out our blog on motor insurance for tips about using your car in Malta and overseas.

Falling ill whilst abroad

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) offers a great way of being covered by health insurance when overseas. One should keep in mind, however, that hospital treatment abroad, if you’re covered by the (EHIC), is only applicable to European citizens.

Additionally, it is also wise to take out a health insurance plan in order to be further protected, especially if you are travelling outside Europe. Learn more about health insurance for both Maltese citizens and foreigners here.

Keep yourself calm during troublesome times. Don’t over panic and always seek help when needed. This will help you solve your problems and ensure that you are safe on your travels. However, most importantly remember to enjoy your trip!