Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places to Visit

Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places to Visit

We all hoped that by now, travel would get back to normal and we’d be jetting off for a very much needed travel break. With travel restrictions still in place around the world, travel is only recommended when absolutely necessary. But that doesn’t mean we cannot plan and do our research now, so that all we need to do when it’s safe to travel again is pack our bags and go! Let’s face it, our Instagram feeds need some new content.  Here’s our list of the most Instagrammable places and countries to take note of for when after the pandemic is over.



The charm that Turkey brings with it is sometimes truly underestimated.  A fusion of European and Eastern culture merge together to produce one of the most beautiful results… and food!  Istanbul is one of the country’s most visited cities, and with beautiful landmarks such as the Galata Tower and the Hagia Sophia, it’s no wonder.  Istanbul is also famous for the Bosphorus River, where you could quite literally cross over from Europe into Asia.  Bonus: From Istanbul, catch a domestic flight to one of the most instagrammable places, Cappadociam for sunrise views of hot air balloons travelling over the unique rocky landscape.


Instagrammable Places




A small country with renowned infrastructure, this travel destination brings with it all the beauty of Asian culture with a Western feel and structure.  With every corner you turn in Singapore, you’re bound to come across one of its famous landmarks, from the Marina Hotel (and its rooftop pool for extra Instagrammable posts) to the famous lion statue known as the Merlion, and mesmerising botanical gardens.




The Maldives

Whether from the ground or from the air, it’s hard not to take amazing photos of the Maldives’ pristine turquoise waters, white-sand beaches or floating bungalows. Depending on the resort you stay at, reaching this paradise may involve a speed boat trip or seaplane ride, which in turn can in result great angled shots from any angle.





It would be hard to make a list of Instagrammable places without mentioning Paris.  The city offers one of the most mesmerising backdrops – wherever you look.  And it’s not just due to the obvious and unmissable Eiffel Tower.  Make sure to catch a glimpse of the views from the Sacre Coeur and take a day trip to Versaille.


Instagrammable Places



Costa Rica

With a country so laid back as Costa Rica, you might not even care about Instagram anymore and just drink Pina Coladas on your hammock and ride the waves all day long.  But that’s not to say that this gorgeous country doesn’t offer amazing photo opportunities.  In the land of waterfalls and exotic wildlife, you’ll soon have a camera roll filled with the most colourful pictures you’ve ever seen, whilst going around greeting people with the universal motto in Costa Rica – Pura Vida!




Sri Lanka

With so much to see and do in one country, the photo ops and beautiful views are endless.  The great thing about Sri Lanka is that one of the best views comes from travel from place to place itself.  Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful train rides, with the trip from Kandy to Ella said to be the most scenic in the world.


Instagrammable Places




Famous for its whitewashed buildings with blue domes, Santorini has long been the go-to destination for couples and friends looking for a summer getaway.  Coupled with bright blue skies and Mediterranean beaches, Santorini has become an instant Insta favourite.




Hong Kong

Skyscrapers, a famous financial district, and rooftop views for days, Hong Kong can be described as the place where Eastern Culture meets city-life.  But there’s more to see than just the city, and because of Hong Kong’s small size, it’s typically easy to get around from place to place.  Mesmerise at the size of the Big Buddha, see how the people live in the beautiful and quaint fishing village of Tai O, or along the way take time to stop at a beach draped with silky green hills.  There’s always something new to explore in Hong Kong.




Trolltunga Mountain, Norway

One look at the view from Trolltunga Mountain, and there’s not much left to say.  The unique positioning of the rock formation as it juts out from the mountain over the Ringedalsvatnet lake, makes for a popular photo spot.  The viewpoint has gained fame in recent years with the help of social media, but be warned, the 10-hour hike is not for the faint-hearted.





Literally anywhere in Italy! From Sicily to the Amalfi Coast, to Florence, Milan and the Alps, there’s a beautiful view wherever you look.  To give Italy any justice would mean writing a book about all its amazing places to visit, and not just a blog post. But if you’re really not that into Instagram, then there’s always the food to enjoy!



There are so many gorgeous instagrammable places around the world to choose from, we couldn’t possibly list them all here. Wherever you go, once you spend the time to plan your holiday, make sure that your trip is protected from any of the unfortunate situations that can affect your much-awaited holiday, such as flight delays and lost luggage – to mention a few. Learn more about Laferla’s Travel Insurance Packages and its benefits.