Tips on How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Tips on How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Many believe that the only way to motivate employees is through financial rewards. While such rewards may be motivating to a certain extent, do keep in mind that there is more to employee satisfaction than money. Most often the simple acts of kindness and respect matter the most.

Read on to discover the different ways you can keep your employees’ motivation boosted.

Foster a Culture of Communication

Communication is a basic human need which unfortunately, many tend to take for granted. At the work place, effective communication should be prioritized above anything else as through it employees would automatically feel valued and appreciated. Even just a simple ‘Good Morning!’ or a ‘How was your weekend?’ can make all the difference. When it comes to communicating business goals, projects and plans, ensure that frequent team meetings are held, along with workshops when required.  Why not consider sending out a monthly in-house newsletter as well to keep your employees updated?

Feedback is Key

his one goes hand in hand with the previous point as one indispensable way of communicating with employees is through giving feedback. While positive feedback encourages employees to keep up their good performance, constructive feedback is helpful in allowing employees to learn from mistakes. Moreover, a simple ‘Thank you for today!’ can be a great motivator as well as employees feel that their work is being recognized.

Build an Environment of Trust

Be the kind of boss who your employees look up to due to your integrity, nobility and trustworthiness. Be honest and inform the employees of any company changes in a professional yet immediate way. Additionally, whenever any problems arise from the employees’ side, be understanding and supportive so as to build a culture of trust and openness between you and your employees.

Encourage Teamwork

A good balance between individual work and teamwork is always important at the work place. In this way, employees get the chance to express themselves individually, as well as alongside others to brainstorm and produce great work. Through teamwork, employees build bonds with each other and hence, begin to trust each other more. In addition, by allowing teamwork, employees can gain new perspectives on issues and look at the wider picture.

Organise Team Events

Give employees a reason to get out of bed in the morning feeling enthusiastic about going to work. Apart from giving them the opportunity to work together in teams, also give them the chance to have a good time together. Team events can range from having breakfast together at the office to going out of the office for lunch to coming together for a Christmas party as well as enjoying a fun day out full of team-building activities. Surprise your employees every now and then and you’ll be guaranteed to keep them motivated!

Promote Equality in all Forms

While many nations nowadays are at the forefront of the fight against gender and racial discrimination at the workplace, many employees are still falling victim to these types of inequality. Such situations are highly demotivating to those affected and will surely leave these individuals less productive and motivated. Ensure that equal pay and equal treatment to all your employees are at the top of your agenda!

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