Buying a Boat? Here is What to Consider!

Buying a Boat? Here is What to Consider!

Buying a boat is life-changing. Whenever you feel like, the freedom will be yours to catch some waves, some Vitamin D, a breath of fresh air, a spectacular sunset or perhaps even your dinner! But before taking the plunge, you must inform yourself well to ensure you truly buy the boat for you. Dive into our guide and discover all you need to consider before making the big purchase!

Intended use

First things first, ask yourself: Why do I want a boat? Reflecting on your intended use will speed up the process of deciding which type of boat to go for. For instance, while sailboats are ideal for a relaxing fishing trip, motorboats are a must if you’re looking to start a water sports’ business. Of course, deciding between a sailboat and motorboat will ultimately depend on your own personal preference. Speed boats are easier to drive and offer a more thrilling experience, but sailboats are the definition of peace and relaxation. So, choose wisely!


Several factors need to be taken into account when deciding on a size, with your intended use coming once again into the picture. If you’re planning to get the whole family or a group of friends on a journey, your ride must be rather spacious. The same goes if you plan to stay overnight as you’ll require more amenities such as sleeping cabins and a galley. Needless to say, your budget also makes a huge difference as the bigger the boat, the higher the expenses will be when it comes to maintenance, fuel, cleaning and storage, to name a few.

New vs. Second-hand

Another major decision to be taken is whether to go for a brand new or a pre-owned boat. Of course, a new boat is always the recommended option as it will come with a warranty which will cover any necessary repairs.

But if you’re looking to save some money, buying a pre-owned boat can also be a great investment due to its low depreciation value in the market. In this case, one very important thing to do is to hire a professional marine surveyor to properly inspect the boat as some issues may not be easily noticeable by an unpractised buyer.


A factor often overlooked in the decision-making process of buying a boat is time. Some people often find themselves too excited to hop on a boat they call their own that they forget to factor how much time they really have on their hands to both maintain and sail their boat. Think about it- will your busy schedule only enable you to sail away once every month or even less? If that is the case, then perhaps renting is a better option for you!


How about storage? Have you considered it yet? While some may prefer to keep their ride docked at a marina, others will prefer to tuck it away on a trailer in their own private garage. Besides from keeping it safe from the elements, this will also make it easier for you to move it around whenever you feel like exploring a new waterway. Of course, consider that with large boats you would need to ask professionals to help you move it around.

Boat Insurance

Ultimately, as with any major purchase you make, it is always wise to protect what you worked so hard for with an excellent insurance plan. Take out a Boat Insurance policy and benefit from cover of the following risks and more:

  • Physical Loss or Damage to the Vessel
  • Liabilities towards Third Parties
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Propellor Fouling (limited to €2,500 – increased limits at an additional premium)
  • Personal Accident
  • Personal Belongings

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