Top tips on how to store and reduce boat insurance costs

Top tips on how to store and reduce boat insurance costs

Summer is well and truly upon us, and this is the season when many proud boat owners can take advantage of the crystal clear Mediterranean waters which surround the Maltese islands.  However, if you’re a boat owner your dreams of enjoying the sun and sea may instantly be ruined if your vessels are not safely stored away and insured before the first storms of the season hit the islands in September and October.  Follow our tips below in order to make sure that your boats are well protected throughout the winter months.

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Cleaning your boat and taking necessary precautions before storage

Cleaning your boat before storing it is probably the most time consuming task. However, getting rid of any dirt is important to keep your boat in the best condition.

Make sure that the hulls and decks are cleaned properly. The engine must be cleaned from both water and acids as they tend to corrode the mechanism very easily. Corrosion preventative fogging oil should be sprayed on it whilst off and turned over. You must also keep the wheel mechanism greased to make sure that you can maneuver smoothly once you take your boat back out in the Summer.

Seal exhaust ports with duct tape to plug openings and keep your driving belts loosened to prevent them from cracking. Last but not least, wash and wax your boat to keep it looking spick and span!

Storing your boat on a trailer

Store your boat in the right position and cover it with a custom cover to protect your boat from dust and scratches. Make sure you check your trailer’s tyres frequently for sidewall cracks or any tread wear.

Remove electronics, valuables and safety gear

Electronics, such as GPS and Sonar devices, safety gear and other things must always be removed before the boat is stored. Equipment such as fire extinguishers should be taken off the boat and inspected/serviced before they are returned onboard. You should also remember to disconnect the battery and top it off with distilled water. It should be charged once a month to remain in good working condition.
Although storing your boat, cleaning equipment and testing electricals can be very tedious, it is important to set aside some time to carry out these tasks. This will ensure that you will be able to enjoy your boat again next summer!

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