Soft Masculinity at the Workplace

Soft Masculinity at the Workplace

In the 1960s and 1970s, the majority of leadership positions in the workplace were predominantly occupied by men, whilst women had more secretarial or caregiving roles, and alas the man was seen as a strong dominating figure. That’s not to say that men are not perceived that way today, however nowadays it is not unthinkable for men to portray a softer side.  It is a trend that marketing experts are calling soft masculinity, and has even seen the introduction of skincare products for men.

The trend also offers a release from the persona men feel they need to portray, and is seen as a much-needed direction as the rate of male suicide remains 3 times higher than for women. Male cosmetics are on the rise with the growth of companies like Hims Inc., there are now communities dedicated to men such as, and, of course, initiatives for men’s physical and mental health, like Movember itself.

Such a trend has embraced the softer side of males without them feeling weak or any less masculine.  We’re taking this trend further and taking a deeper look at soft masculinity at the workplace, especially in positions of authority.   If you’re a male who wants to embrace his softer side at the workplace, here are a few top tips on how you can achieve this according to Forbes:

  1. Show what you think… and how you feel

Showing your softer side and even some emotion, may portray empathy and increase respect for the person in leadership.

  1. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most important types of body language that shows that a person is interested in what the individual opposite is saying.

  1. Give personal space

Before social distancing was a thing, some people in authority might be found impinging on other’s personal space as way of proving authority. Give people their personal space to avoid coming across as imposing.

  1. Smile!

Smiling at others can encourage others and show warmth.


For anybody in a position of leadership, whether male or female, the challenge lies in showing authority whilst still being warm and approachable. Despite being different sides of the coin, these traits each show strength in leadership.  Leadership is not only about taking control, but about guiding, working together with your team, and being there for them when things get tough.

With new trends arising such as soft masculinity, traditional roles are becoming more flexible.  They not only allow for more adaptable behaviour in the workplace, but also offer new strategies businesses can take in accordance with current trends.

Adapting to the times is important for every business.  Make sure not to get left behind, and protect what you’ve already built.  Learn about our business insurance plans or get a quote today.