Puppy Training: Don’t Forget these Important Tips

Puppy Training: Don’t Forget these Important Tips

If you’ve just got yourself a new pup, you’ve probably figured out by now that it takes a lot of patience and hard work to raise your new furry friend.  Puppy training is key, and just like raising kids, it’s important to have a plan for the times when you can’t be with them or for when you need to go to work, provide them with an environment that is safe, and making sure they interact with others for healthy development.

Whilst most people tend to focus on more immediate issues when raising a pup, such as what do I need to feed him? Or how often do I have to take him out for walks?  It’s important to look at all aspects that affect both your puppy’s life as well as your own!  That’s why we spoke to the experts at @Simbaandgarfield for their top tips on raising a pup, that we might not necessarily realise are also super important:


  1. Spend some time apart

If you are anything like most pet owners, you probably suffer every time you have to leave your dog alone for more than five minutes. Dogs are awesome, and we totally understand that you want to spend all your time with them. Unfortunately, we have bad news: too much time together can backfire. You want to be able to leave your dog alone without him (or you) suffering. Separation anxiety is very common in dogs, and it often happens because the owners do not know how to separate themselves from their pups. Make sure to leave your dog alone throughout the day, and let him have some alone time with his favourite toys. You also don’t want to make too much of a big deal when you are leaving – don’t tell him goodbye over and over again, cut on the kisses and cuddles, and remember that your dog feeds off of your emotions, so keep calm and don’t be too sentimental. Leave him with a yummy treat, his favourite toy and leave the room with a simple ‘see you later’.

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  1. Dog-proof your house

Do you want to avoid unwanted surprises? Doggy-proof your house. Until your dog is fully trained, anything that is within your puppy’s reach can turn into a toy. Walk around your house, move anything that can easily be reached, and avoid leaving things on the floor. Puppies also go through teething, which means that they need to dig their teeth into anything they find – and so your wooden furniture is at risk. Spray a mixture of white vinegar with water on the areas you want to keep your dog away from, the nasty taste will stop him from chewing where he shouldn’t.


  1. Socialisation is FUN-damental

Taking your puppy out to parks, planning play dates, and simply allowing him to sniff other dogs (because, you know, this is how they say hello) is extremely important. You want to raise a dog that feels comfortable around other dogs, is playful, and won’t start barking or growling at them. To be able to do that, you need to expose them to as many dogs as you can. It’s not enough to get your puppy to play with the same dogs, that will just teach him to be friendly with them, but to growl at stranger dogs. There are some dog parks around Malta that you can take your dog to, so make an effort to do this at least once a week. You also must do the same with people, so invite friends and relatives over to play with your puppy, take him out to play with other humans and just let him become the friendliest pet ever.


If your puppy is fully vaccinated, and wish to get a mix of socialisation and basic training, you can enrol for puppy preschool classes at @Simbaandgarfield!  Or if you have any questions, get in touch with them on Facebook or Instagram and learn about their puppy program that helps you better understand and train your puppy!


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