Prevent Holiday Home Hazards This Christmas

Prevent Holiday Home Hazards This Christmas

Home is where the heart is, especially during Christmas.  After all, what could be better than a crackling fireplace, some glowing candles, and a twinkling tree?  Done properly, these touches make your house cozy and ready for the holidays.  An unforgettable occasion isn’t necessarily a good thing, however, especially if those flames turn into an inferno.  This winter, make good memories by following a few tips from Laferla!

Many safety procedures exist for fireplaces, but these general pointers should help you “hang those stockings with care.”  Many people, for instance, suffer needlessly from carbon monoxide poisoning every year.  Avoid this potentially deadly occurrence and only burn proper logs.  Never light items like charcoal, trash, or fuels.  Also, watch where you place the Christmas tree.  It is quite easy for sparks to leap onto a dangling branch.  Finally, resist the temptation of having a blazing fireplace.  The idea may seem romantic, but King Arthur and his knights had a bigger fire pit than yours and they probably overstuffed it anyway.  Maintain control by keeping flames low and tranquil.  Ready?  A safe holiday awaits.

Candles set the scene perfectly for Christmas, and there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy them by using suggestions like these.  First and foremost, respect the live flame itself. Though this seems obvious, most people become casual after a while and let drooping sleeves or loose hair get within range. Secondly, consider purchasing fake substitutes.  They can go anywhere and generally have realistic flickering effects.  By following basic instructions like these, you can have a beautiful Christmas at home.

Additionally, use common sense with those Christmas trees.  Tinsel, strings and baubles intrigue pets and babies.  Think about moving these higher up and covering the base with a tree skirt.  That way, no one is tempted to huddle under the branches.  As a last reminder, make sure everything is steady. It’s never pleasant—or safe—if your dog topples the tree and scatters Christmas ornaments everywhere.  Also, decorate your tree with flame-resistant material to ensure safety in the home and throw away any broken Christmas tree lights.

Last but not least, protect your home from invasion!  Don’t post travel plans or pictures of your gifts on social media.  As an added precaution, close your curtains before leaving the house.  It is also wise to redirect packages if you are on vacation; consider asking a friend or neighbour to collect your post instead.

Finally, stop icy drafts from entering your house.  Double glazing, weather stripping, and draft dodgers particularly help.  Everyone will thank you, especially your wallet—leaky windows often increase energy costs by 30%.

With advice like ours, your Christmas and home are ready to go!