Planning a Skiing Trip? Here are 4 Tips to keep in Mind

Planning a Skiing Trip? Here are 4 Tips to keep in Mind

Ready to hit the slopes and take advantage of winter’s bounty?  You’ve seen James Bond skiing down a mountain multiple times, and now it’s your turn.  Wait!  Whether you plan on dodging foreign agents or stumbling novices, take some time to refresh your memory. Our tips and travel insurance advice should nicely prepare your upcoming ski trip.


Skiing puts considerable demands on the human body.  Bending, twisting, crouching, and jumping—your joints will be doing all of these and more.  Reduce the risk of injury by doing some physical training beforehand.  This doesn’t mean you have to model yourself after Superman, but a little fitness can tone muscles and prepare your lungs for higher altitudes.

Know Thyself

Beginning skiers are more likely to get injured than advanced ones.  Start your trip off with guidance from an instructor; lessons are always available for newcomers or rusty enthusiasts.  Stick to appropriate trails during your holiday, too.  Skiing path grades vary by colour depending on locale, but green or blue generally represents easier terrain and red will present quite a challenge to beginners.  Conversely, black symbolizes advanced slopes.  More than one person has made the mistake of trying paths far beyond their ability.  Simple pleasures are sometimes the best, anyway.  Wide, gentle hills give you time to daydream and take in the alpine scenery—a luxury missing with the harder levels.


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about little accessories when obvious things like skis and outfits loom large.  Apart from jackets, proper trousers, snow boots, and gloves, you might want to rent padded knee or wrist protectors.  It’s never a bad thing to ward off bruises or minor sprains!  Also, buy sun cream.  All that snow reflects plenty of glare.  For that same reason, you will want a pair of sunglasses and some lip balm.  These items may seem inconsequential, but minor irritants like cracked skin or sensitive eyes can easily shorten your day outdoors.  Who wants that?  Hand warmers (available in all ski villages) will easily fit into your gloves or boots to provide some added warmth.


All sports are risky, but that’s why they are fun.  Skiing especially has plenty of adrenaline rushes: speed, mountain vistas, and moguls.  You probably won’t get into trouble or danger while on holiday, but there’s no denying that winter activities are more hazardous than others.  Plus, ski slopes and alpine paths make ambulance or helicopter retrieval costly.  A comprehensive travel insurance plan removes all of these nagging considerations for you.  Get an online travel insurance quote today so that you can enjoy that winter holiday tomorrow!  Above all, have fun.