8 Reasons to Adopt a Pet from an Animal Shelter

8 Reasons to Adopt a Pet from an Animal Shelter

Are you looking to welcome a new furry friend home? Why not pay a visit to one of the many pet shelters on the island to find your perfect match? Adopting a pet from an animal shelter comes with lots of benefits, some of which have never probably crossed your mind.

Below we list the top reasons why adopting a pet from a shelter is the way to go!

1. You save a life.

Second chances are great especially when given to animals who have been lost, given up or abandoned. By adopting pets from a shelter, you’ll be giving them a loving home that they have always dreamed of.

Moreover, you’d also be rewarding the shelter with much well-needed space, where new homeless pets can be welcomed in instead. In some pet shelters, space is so limited that they have no choice but to euthanise innocent healthy animals.

2. You contribute towards stopping pet overpopulation.

Whenever possible, animal shelters ensure that all pets under their supervision are spayed or neutered. These practices are of utmost importance to be able to control the ever-growing problem of pet overpopulation, which often results in more and more unwanted pets left at the doorsteps of pet shelters.

3. You help eridicate profit-oriented puppy/kitten farms.

It might be shocking to discover that there are facilities around the world, known as puppy or kitten farms/mills, whose sole purpose is breeding animals all in the name of profit. Female animals in such breeding facilities undergo incredibly cruel practices as they see themselves constantly being impregnated while living in cages without basic needs. What’s worse, once they are deemed as no longer worthy, they are disposed of.

On a smaller scale such as our island, this cruelty is often practised by individuals who continuously breed animals with the aim of making money, without caring about the well-being of the animals whatsoever.

On the contrary, animal shelters prioritise the welfare of their furry guests above anything else and by adopting from them, you’ll be taking a stand against animal cruelty and such illegal trades.

4. You save money.

Needless to say, adopting from an animal shelter will certainly be cheaper than buying a purebred puppy or kitten from a breeder. As previously mentioned, some shelters also tick off certain necessary pet owner procedures before giving the animals up for adoption, saving you lots of money in the long run. Such procedures include spaying, neutering, microchipping and vaccinating.

5. You are spoilt for choice.

You may already know you want a Beagle dog or a Persian cat, but you should always be open to other options. It might be the case that you visit a pet shelter and fall in love with a completely different breed whose behaviour and personality happen to be your perfect match. That’s one great advantage of animal shelters, the choice there is endless!

6. You adopt a healthy pet.

When adopting from animal shelters, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. This is because when admitted to the shelters, animals go through a behaviour screening process and receive the required vaccinations. During their stay, pets also follow a healthy diet, engage in exercise and receive frequent check-ups from visiting vets. In this way, you’ll be greeting your new healthy pet along with a copy of their detailed medical records in hand.

7. You adopt a well-trained pet.

Another major benefit of animal shelter pets is the fact that most of them have already been trained in their former homes, especially if they’re adult animals. With the tedious pet-training part off the agenda, you can skip directly to the fun and start getting to know the personality of your new companion in no time!

Furthermore, when animals have matured and gone past beyond the energetic phase of their younger days, some breeds turn out to be natural therapy partners, providing owners with the best emotional support they could ask for.

8. You encourage others to follow your example.

A recommendation from a family or friend is sometimes all you need to take a decision. By endorsing pet adoption from shelters, you’ll get to share this great deed with those close to you and hopefully influence them to do just the same.

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