The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for 2016

The Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas for 2016

Still stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Here are some things we found online to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re buying a present for a foodie, an adventure lover or a fitness fanatic, here are some of our top picks for this Christmas season.

The Foodie – Craft Burgers and Crazy Shakes

Image courtesy of Black Tap’s Website

This is no ordinary cookbook. Craft Burgers and Crazy Shakes is the Holy Grail of recipes for gourmet burgers and over-the-top milkshakes. All the recipes in the book are taken from Black Tap, a burger restaurant in New York City that would put any burger place to shame. Anyone you know who likes cooking (and eating) will definitely fall in love with this cookbook and its recipes. Click here to see more.

The Fitness Fanatic – Fitbit Charge 2

Image Courtesy of Amazon

Fitbits are the perfect companion for those who take their health seriously. Not only does the Fitbit Charge 2 monitor heart rate and exercise, it also keeps tabs on your sleeping patterns and can even send you a soft vibration to wake you up. These are but a few of the features of this savvy piece of tech. If you buy this for your fitness friend, you’ll definitely hear about the rest of the features as they discover them. Learn more.

The Musician – Zildjian Cymbal Clock

Image Courtesy of Zildjian’s Website

Buying gifts for musicians can be tricky, they will have their own personal preferences when it comes to the equipment they use. This task becomes near impossible if you don’t know anything about musical instruments. Luckily, the Zildjian Cymbal Clock is here to save the day! This clock made from a cymbal of this iconic brand will surely leave a long-lasting smile. This one isn’t just for drummers either, anyone with an appetite for music will love this. See it here.

The Gadget Geek – DeeRC Predator Mini Drone

Image Courtesy of Amazon

This super-fast mini drone is a great gift for any gadget lover. Here’s a piece of tech that your friend will appreciate without having to break the bank. This drone is tiny, only 13.5×13.5 cm and can easily be carried in your pocket. It doesn’t need any assembling and thanks to it different speed modes, it can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced drone pilots. Why not get a pair and invite your friends for some holiday drone races? See more here.

The Movie Buff – Professional Popcorn Maker

What could be better for a movie buff than the combination of cinema-style popcorn and their favourite movie? Maybe a surround-sound system, but that’s asking a bit much! The vintage-style Waring Classic Popcorn Maker is reminiscent of the old-school popcorn machines that you used to find in cinemas. It’s the perfect way to quickly and easily make as much popcorn as you want – the longer the film the more popcorn you’re going to need. Get it here.

A Child’s First Christmas

A child’s first Christmas is always one of the most exciting ones for parents and grandparents alike. Clothes and toys are all very necessary, but how about giving your loved one something that will last them a lifetime? The new Mapfre MSV Child Savings Plan allows you to give your kids a real kick-start in life. Be it buying their first car or putting a down payment on a home,  you can help them along their journey of life while creating fond memories they will always cherish. Contact us today to find out more.

No matter what you decide to buy for your friends and family this year, know that Laferla’s Home Insurance Plan covers all the contents of your home and your personal belongings. All of your last-minute purchases are safe with us!