Motorcycle Safety Tips to Prevent Road Accidents

Motorcycle Safety Tips to Prevent Road Accidents

Driving a motorcycle certainly has its advantages: the feeling of the air rushing past you gives a real sense of freedom. However, a great deal of responsibility is needed in order to avoid accidents on the roads. Laferla has you covered with its lists of nifty tips to help you drive safely this summer!

Perform a Thorough Bike Inspection

Whether it’s your first time taking your bike out this year or not it’s important that you maintain a highly functioning and well-oiled machine. A good idea is to schedule regular check-ups with a registered mechanic or motorcycle dealership to ensure your bike is ready for the roads. If you would prefer to do this yourself, make sure you’re confident in your abilities and know exactly what you need to check for potential problems. It’s important that you don’t leave this until there is a problem with your bike. Regular maintenance will improve its performance in the long-term.

Keep an Eye out for Potholes

On our roads its only inevitable that there will be a few potholes scattered about. If you drive directly into a pothole it can cause a significant amount of damage to your motorcycle and this can cost a considerable amount of money to fix. Even worse, if you lose control, you may end up causing untold amounts of damage to yourself. Make sure you are always aware of the roads and if you find yourself driving on a road you’re unfamiliar with, consider taking it slower than you usually would.

Maintain Traction by Avoiding Road Spillage

It is imperative that you avoid anything on the roads that will reduce the amount of traction your motorcycle has. This include oil, sand and fuel to name but a few. Make sure you stay vigilant when you’re driving. Keep an eye out for any road signs signifying any type of spillage on the roads and reduce your speed if you see them. Oftentimes, these spills won’t be signed so it’s a good idea to be remain sharp at all times. Keep in mind that fuel on the road can be the most dangerous as it will appear as nothing more than a sheen on the surface.

Remain Cautious of Chrome

As good as it looks, chrome has a tendency to get very hot in the Maltese sun. If the grips of your bike are made of chrome you’ll want to keep this in mind as it will be very uncomfortable to touch this searing metal. Ideally you should wear gloves to protect your hands from any unwanted burns.

Dress for the Weather

In the summer months when the sun is splitting the rocks, you may be inclined to leave the layers at home so you can fully enjoy the heat. However, during long rides in the summer, it’s vital that you protect yourself from sunburn and dehydration. The more exposed your skin is the more likely you are to lose moisture, especially with the dry, hot air rushing past you. A good idea would be to wear lightweight, breathable layers that will protect your skin as well as provide relief from the heat. This will allow you to maintain the maximum amount of moisture in your body.

Know What to Wear to Reduce Injury in an Accident

Casual attire on a motorbike is a definite no no. If you happen to be in an accident, jeans and a t-shirt will do nothing to protect you from injury. Even in a minor accident, these items of clothing can rip apart and leave you with some very nasty cuts. Instead, protective leather gear should be worn.

Runners or flip-flops must also be avoided. The reason is that the soles of the runners may not have enough grip and flip-flops can be very awkward when you need to shift gears. Proper motorcycle boots will give you good traction when you need to put your foot down as well as providing good grip on the foot peg.

Remember to Check Your Tyres Regularly

Less wheels means that you’re at a greater risk of losing control if the tyres are not maintained. Before and after every drive, check your tyres to see if anything, such as glass or nails, has become lodged in them. If you drive over a sharp object your tyre will require immediate attention. Don’t ride your bike until the damaged tyre has been repaired or replaced.

It’s also important to check your tyre pressure before you hit the road. Low tyre pressure can make the machine extremely difficult to control. Use a tyre gauge to check the pressure and make sure you know how to add air if required.

Leave the Rest up to us

No matter how safe you are on the roads it’s important that you have motorcycle insurance that meets your required needs. Laferla offers motor insurance that covers free breakdown assistance throughout Malta and the EU as well as a 7 day claims settlement promise.