Going on a Road Trip & Taking your Car? Make Sure You Get the Right Motor Insurance!

Going on a Road Trip & Taking your Car? Make Sure You Get the Right Motor Insurance!

Motor Insurance Malta – If you’re planning an exciting road trip in Europe this summer you should make sure you are fully covered by the right type of motor insurance. Malta’s insurance policies may differ from those abroad so always be sure to check the policies in other countries before travelling with your car.

Using your own Car in Malta and Overseas

The necessary requirements to drive your own car both in Malta and overseas are that you are at least 18 years old and a licensed driver. Your car must also be insured and have passed the VRT certification. You must, of course, also be in possession of a valid motor insurance policy on the vehicle which you are driving. Have a look at our free instant quotes for car insurance in Malta.

Renting a Car overseas for Young Drivers

Obtaining insurance which covers accidents occurring in European Countries is of primary importance when going on a road trip in Europe. The minimum age required to drive a car abroad often varies from one European country to another. In Austria, Croatia, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden the minimum age is 18, whilst Estonia’s and Norway’s driving age is set at 19. Bulgaria, Finland and Switzerland ‘s age is set at 20. However, the majority of European countries require drivers to be at least 21. Luxembourg is perhaps one of the only countries in Europe which has a minimum driving age of 23.
Young drivers should be cautious when renting a car in Europe as certain companies may charge a hefty fee or excess for drivers aged under 25.

Renting a Car for Senior Drivers

Senior Drivers can rent a car in the majority of European countries. However, some countries have imposed maximum age restrictions on rentals. Age limits apply to renting motor vehicles and not driving.
In the United Kingdom some rental agencies may charge travelers of the age of 70, a surcharge. There are also some limitations on certain car classes for people aged 69 and over. However, the UK agency Hertz , accepts drivers age 75 to 79 provided that they have a good driving record as well as a doctor’s statement which states that they’re able to drive capably. Rental agencies in the Republic of Ireland nominally bar anyone over 75 from renting a car. However in Denmark, some rental agencies impose a maximum age of 80.

Rental Vehicle Excess or Deductible

Rental agencies include a mandatory Excess or Deductible in all rental agreements. Usually, the difference between these two terms is:

  • The term ‘Deductible’ is usually used to indicate the sum which you would owe the agency in case of damage to the vehicle. This is usually a very hefty sum, which more or less equals the total value of the vehicle. In standard circumstances, rental agencies will include a ‘Collision Damage Waiver’ in their rates. This condition basically waives the deductible, but still leaves you liable to settle any applicable Excess in case of damage to the vehicle.
  • The term ‘Excess’ is usually used to indicate the smaller sum which you would owe the agency in case of damage to the vehicle. The Excess depends on the value of the car which you are renting, as well as the age of the driver. Some agencies offer also an ‘Excess Waiver’ at an additional cost.

Sometimes these two terms may be used interchangeably. Be sure to always read the rental agreement. If in doubt, ask the rental agency to explain their Excess/Deductible policy in detail before accepting to the terms of the agreement.

Did you know?

Our Travel Insurance policies include ‘Rental Vehicle Excess’ cover!

General advice for those embarking on a road trip

Before committing to a driving trip in Europe, make sure all the drivers in your group are able to conform to local requirements.
It’s important to think about carrying certain documents which are essential and can help you stay out of trouble once you’ve embarked on your exciting journey. Apart from carrying a passport, you should make sure to carry a valid driving licence, original vehicle registration document (Log Book) and motor insurance certificate. Furthermore, you must always remember to keep your travel insurance documents and visa (if required) in your car.

For more information on minimum and maximum driving ages feel free to contact us.