Malta’s Hidden Gems and Beautiful Spots

Malta’s Hidden Gems and Beautiful Spots

What to Explore Locally When you Can’t Travel Overseas

As restrictions increase hindering travel to certain countries, now is the best time to explore the island of Malta and go off the beaten track. Although Malta has lots of beautiful beaches to discover, plenty of churches and historical places of interest, it’s sometimes nice to feel like a foreigner in your own country.  This may, however, mean going to places that are a little less easy to get to, but the rewards are definitely worth it. We’ve put a list together of Malta’s hidden gems to visit if you’ve haven’t yet, and to keep your mind off travelling for the time being.


Swim in the waters below Xaqqa Cliffs

Discover amazing views of Malta’s West Coast from the top of Xaqqa cliffs, whilst at the bottom swim in crystal blue waters of a beautiful but isolated beach.  Xaqqa cliffs are very popular with rock climbers and it’s no surprise why.  Great views and a rewarding swim after, it’s a great way to experience nature.  In fact, you will find climbing reminders from the times of the British who would also climb there. There’s a passageway down to a small beach, however, make sure you’re physically fit and perhaps go with a friend if it’s the first time you’ve been.  The hike down to the beach is quite easy in certain places, but towards steeper parts, you will need to climb down using the metal rods in the cliffs that have been inserted that act as a ladder.  Make sure you are wearing the appropriate footwear, and that the swell of the sea that day is westerly, to ensure clear and calm waters. Don’t forget to keep enough energy after swimming to climb all the way back up!

Bonus:  Whilst you’re in the area, take a short 10-minute drive down to Ras il-Ħamrija for Malta’s own little window in the rocks.


Coral Lagoon

In recent years Coral Lagoon has gained popularity, with endless Instagram photos featuring this big hole in the cliffs looking into the beautiful blue waters of this cave. Either view it from above by walking a short way to the top, or rent a kayak from nearby and row there.  Again, always take note of the swell because many swimmers have entered the cave but have found themselves in difficulty when exiting due to strong currents. It may not be one of Malta’s hidden gems anymore but a more popular one, yet still worth the visit!


Ħarq Ħammiem Cave

Another cave that has become more known of recently is Ħarq Ħammiem Cave.  Unfortunately, the reasons why this cave has risen in awareness is due to concerns about what developments on sight would have on this protected and rare cave. After descending down a few stairs into the cave, explorers have found a large mass of water.  Initially, the water is freshwater, but as you go deeper into the water, the water mixes with seawater.  Scuba divers attempting to study the area noted that the underwater part of the cave goes on so far that it was impossible to explore the whole site without running out of air.  This is truly one of Malta’s hidden gems, perhaps too hidden!


Villa Guardamangia

Villa Guardamangia in Pietà was home to Queen Elizabeth II during her time in Malta between 1949 and 1951.  Although the property is now derelict and in serious need of restoration, there are plans to restore the villa to its former glory and be made available to the public. The photos that have emerged of the villa in its current state have given only but a small insight into what the villa must have looked like back in the day.


The old Air Traffic Control Tower in Ta’ Qali

Before being used as recreational space, Ta’ Qali was home to the Royal Air Force airstrip, the remnants of which are still visible, especially when seen from above.  Today the airstrip is used as a space away from cars for kids to ride bikes, or for families to picnic, due to its width.  The old traffic control tower is still there, and forms part of La Meridiana Winery, with a small but picturesque vineyard surrounding it, offering spectacular views of Mdina.

Despite its size, Malta has lots of places to discover, many of which you may have never been to or have never known about.  With such beautiful beaches and heritage sites, it’s no wonder that many people are looking to relocate to the island.  Whether you are living in Malta, starting a business here, or settling in a new house, make sure you’re protected.  Laferla has a number of insurance packages that range from personal to business, to cover every need.