Laferla’s Christmas Wish List of House Gizmos and Gadgets

Laferla’s Christmas Wish List of House Gizmos and Gadgets

More people than ever have technology at their fingertips, so it’s no surprise that popular gifts this year revolve around electronics.  2015 ushered in a particularly fun and innovative set of gadgets.  Our favourite picks, in fact, involve gadgets for the home!  Take a peek at these flashy goods and consider adding them to your Christmas list.

The Petcube

Some technological trinkets combine safety with fun.  The Petcube caught our eye because we know that dogs and cats are family members and deserve protection.  If your pet develops a dangerous habit, you will be the first to know because this device films your four-legged friend throughout the day in real time.  Watch their antics anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.  Best of all, people can distract or play with Rover from work by activating a laser and microphone.

Range Smart Thermometer

Most of us cook more frequently during the holidays and no one wants to ruin the season with a raw turkey.  By working in sync with a smartphone, the Range Smart Thermometer lets chefs know when their creations have reached ideal temperatures.

The Tile

Nothing is more irritating and stressful than losing keys or a wallet.  If you or a friend habitually misplace things, The Tile makes an ideal present.  These little Bluetooth gizmos communicate with smartphones and slip or stick onto any item.  Voila!

Smart Sockets

We appreciate anything that eliminates hassle, and these gadgets do just that.  There are a variety of wireless phone chargers, for instance, that truly free up space.  After all, how many times do you need an outlet but discover that all of them are in use?  Skip the hassle of unplugging appliances and computers by purchasing one of these stylish alternatives.  Just rest your smartphone on it, wait for the battery, and go.  Your friend or house will thank you this Christmas.

Similarly, outlets have evolved.  No one will have to struggle with finding an available port once these gadgets replace the old ones.  Set up is easy for most models and only requires a few minutes.  Think about asking Santa Claus for one—or two—since they are so convenient and there are numerous kinds available.

Who would have guessed that it is possible to satisfy one’s inner geek and provide peace of mind?  We hope that you’re as excited about Christmas as we are at Laferla. Finally, round off your presents this year with added security from Laferla and purchase home insurance for your loved ones.