Laferla Partners With Digimed
Automated Claims For All Laferla Health Insurance Clients Through Digimed Premium / Laferla to offer Digimed Premium Subscription within Health Insurance Plans

Laferla Partners With Digimed

In line with its commitment as a forward-looking organisation, Laferla Insurance Agency Ltd is announcing its partnership with Digimed, a new Maltese digital platform that for the first time links healthcare professionals, patients, and pharmacists together in one ecosystem.

Laferla is the second organisation that is collaborating with Digimed following the recent announcement of the platform’s partnership with St James Hospital Group to guarantee 24/7 access to Doctors via telemedicine services.


Automated Claims For All Laferla Health Insurance Clients Through Digimed Premium

Through this latest partnership, Laferla will be accepting claim forms generated by the Digimed platform. Any consultations, both in-clinic consultations or telemedicine consultations, recorded and saved on Digimed as an ‘Electronic Health Record’ can be exported as a claim form directly from Digimed, eliminating the need to fill in traditional claim forms.

Additional documents and expenses can be attached to the claim within the Digimed platform, to then be exported as a single claim form document and forwarded which clients may then submit to Laferla.


Laferla to accept digitalised health insurance claims from Digimed platform


Laferla to offer Digimed Premium Subscription within Health Insurance Plans

Laferla will also embed Digimed Premium subscriptions as a benefit across most of their health insurance plans.

“When it comes to healthcare, technology is increasingly playing a crucial role, especially when it comes to the delivery of personalised healthcare. Digimed is set to become an important local catalyst in this transformation and at Laferla, we are very proud with this partnership which will bring more convenience and efficiency to all our clients,” says Laferla Joint Managing Director, Mark Laferla Jr.


Laferla to offer Digimed Premium within Health Insurance Plans


“We also recognise the beauty of this platform in how it brings doctors, patients and pharmacists together in one ecosystem. Doctors enjoy access to their patients’ accurate medical records, patients enjoy 24/7 access to doctors and their own health records for the first time ever, and pharmacists are empowered to dispense e-Prescriptions, also new to Malta, securely. With Digimed, Laferla’s clients are only set to benefit,” he added.

“We believe that medical professionals will also see the benefits that Digimed provides in terms of digitalising and automating insurance claims forms. This means that doctors on Digimed will no longer need to fill in and sign a Laferla claim form for any of our clients with a Digimed Premium subscription”, Mr Laferla concluded.

Jessica Polidano, Director at Digimed, stated that “We are proud to be building partnerships with leading trusted brands in Malta such as the Laferla Group and also St James Hospital Group, who are showing faith in our ecosystem which is designed to revolutionise healthcare. We look forward to onboarding further partners and continuing to develop Digimed post launch. The Digimed team is confident that further insurance companies will join us and take advantage of the improved health insurance claims process that our platform can help them to achieve. The future of primary healthcare is indeed looking bright!”


About Digimed

Digimed is a comprehensive telemedicine ecosystem that acts as a tool that enables video, voice, and text consultations, allowing doctors to seamlessly interact remotely with their patients who also enjoy access to their own medical records whenever and wherever they are. The platform was not only designed to facilitate telemedicine consultations, however, meaning doctors also use Digimed to save health records for in-person consultations – which are also shared with patients.

Digimed’s patient app is launching soon in Malta.

For more information about Digimed, visit, or find Digimed on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.