Incorporating Wellness in your Business Strategy

Incorporating Wellness in your Business Strategy

One of the biggest trends this year has evidently been health.  Whether businesses have implemented working from home strategies, or pushing a focus on mental health, wellness has become a meaningful business initiative designed to generate a positive workspace. With October being breast cancer awareness month, it’s a great way to up your business wellness strategy.

Here’s how you can incorporate wellness into your business strategy that you can use to either help people in your organisation or those who are your clients:


  1. Health Insurance

Today health insurance is no longer a bonus, but it has become expected from most individuals when looking for new employment.  It also helps with the retention of employees.  Whether you have a small company of just 5 employees or a bigger corporate organisation, health insurance coverage will help staff not only feel safe knowing they have access to private medical care, but also to feel valued. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, it’s a good time to make sure your insurance policy covers cancer treatments, and for an added bonus preventive care such as mammograms or breast ultrasounds.


  1. Wellness Tourism

Wellness tourism is a trending business strategy incorporated by startups incorporating two emerging trends, well at least before COVID-19, of travel and wellness combined. Seen as a way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle whilst travelling, wellness tourism was slowly on the rise worldwide.  Wellness retreats incorporating yoga, nutritional advice, fitness training, meditation, and/or therapy are a niche part of wellness tourism that has seen tourists of all ages and backgrounds visit.


  1. Wellness Products

The wellness trend has not only shown itself in the form of tourism, but in the many different wellness industries, services and products that have emerged into today’s market.  Whether it is medical cannabis, anxiety soothing weighted blankets, telemedicine, or the latest skincare products, wellness is all the rage.


  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies are looking to give back, by either offering their time in what also doubles as a team-building activity, or by giving donations or sponsorships to charitable causes either in Malta or abroad.  CSR can come in many forms, such as volunteering, organising fundraisers, or even something as easy and beneficial as a beach clean up.  In aid of breast cancer awareness this month, why not try your hand at organising a fundraiser for breast cancer research?


  1. Workspace

Unless they are working from home, your employees’ workspace is where they will undoubtedly spend most of their time.  It is important for their wellbeing that that space is a comfortable one.  This means making sure the space is airy, has good lighting, is not too cold or too hot, or also too noisy. Your employees are an investment in your company and their loyalty to the company is only as big as your loyalty to them.


Make sure your employees feel valued.  Learn more about Laferla’s employee benefits and group cover online or contact us here.