5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Air Conditioner

5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Air Conditioner

With summer just behind the corner, your air conditioner’s busy season is coming up! We all know how life-saving an AC can be on those scorching days, so it’s time to repay it for all its hard work by making sure you’re not guilty of any of the below…


1) Setting very low temperatures

To recover from the extreme temperatures outside, many are tempted to set their AC’s temperature as low as possible, say 16 °C, as soon as they arrive home. This is based on the belief that in doing so their home would get cooler much faster. But the truth is that’s not how ACs really work!

To reach such a low thermostat setting, your unit would have to run as long as necessary, wasting power in the process and possibly also damaging the AC’s indoor coils. It is generally advisable to set your AC temperatures between 23°C-25°C (and not below!) in summer. Apart from saving on your electricity bill, you’ll also be acting in an environmental-friendly manner. Keep in mind that the human body is also not capable of adapting to a sudden change in temperature quickly!

2) Not taking care of your AC filters

Regardless of the type of AC unit you have, it’s of utmost importance to take care of its filters. With some types of units, you simply need to clean the filters, with others you must replace them. This task should ideally occur once every three months or as often as once a month if it’s used all the time. If you have a ductless AC unit, no replacement is needed as there is normally a removable panel on your unit that enables you to clean your filters and put them back.

But why bother with this chore? Well, for starters, dirty filters can cause technical faults such as throwing a poor air flow or freezing up your unit’s evaporator coil. Additionally, they can also lead to higher electricity bills and a shorter lifespan for your AC.

3) Not having an annual service

A common misconception is that if there are no apparent problems with your AC, then it doesn’t need regular maintenance. Wrong. You must bring in a professional once every year for an annual service to inspect it, especially when it comes to cleaning your AC’s coils and fins, which are essential for an efficient operation. Springtime is normally the best time to schedule it to prepare for the hectic season ahead, but any time of the year is better than not ticking it off your chores’ list at all. Alternatively, if you’ve got some time on your hands, you can simply look up YouTube tutorials and do it yourself!

4) Using your AC too much

Just as the human body cannot work 24/7, the same goes for machinery. For this reason, avoid leaving your AC on for extremely long hours as to give it that well-needed break every now and then. This will keep it in good shape as well as lower the risk of it burning out quickly.

With just a little bit of thought and effort, you can make your home cooler even without using your AC. For instance, in the evening, open the windows to let the cool air in (that is if there is any cool air outside!). Alternatively, as soon as you give a break to your AC turn your fans to keep the cold air circulating throughout your home. For greater air flow, ensure that your ceiling fans are rotating counter-clockwise during summer.

On the other hand, leaving your AC off for long periods of time can also be detrimental to the system as moisture can develop inside the unit, causing severe damage.

5) Not considering its bad position

Your AC’s bad position could be the reason why it’s not working as efficiently as it should, especially if it’s receiving direct sunlight throughout the day! This is why most installers recommend placing your AC on the Northern or Southern side of your home. To prevent such problems, make sure to include blinds or curtains in the rooms where your units are located. Consider that artificial lightning, such as a lamp directly facing your AC, can also negatively affect your unit.

As can be seen, despite being a minor detail in our homes, an AC unit requires attention and maintenance all year-round.
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