How to Spruce up your Home

How to Spruce up your Home

Most of us are undoubtedly spending more time at home these days, whether it’s due to lack of travel, remote working or even because of quarantine.  The space you spend most of your time in needs to bring with it a sense of happiness, so there’s no better time to give you house a little makeover and spruce up your home.

Decorative changes don’t have to be anything major. You’ll actually be quite surprised at how small changes can give your home a much-needed boost.

Here are our top tips on how to improve your space and a few decorating secrets thrown in for good measure:


  1. Plants

Nothing brings life to a room than a little bit of life itself.  Not only that, plants will brighten a space by adding a touch of colour.


  1. The Delight is in the Details

Whether its cabinet handles or light switches, upgrading these small features will make a big difference.


  1. Let there be Light

Lighting is key! Light gives the illusion of space and airiness. If you don’t have much natural light, make sure that you invest in lighting that will leave no corner unlit.  Additionally, lamps will also add style and elegance to a room, bringing it together.  While you’re at it, make sure you use energy-efficient bulbs.


  1. Photographs or Paintings

Some tasteful artwork or great photographs can really transform a bland empty wall and give the room some character.  In doesn’t have to be a Van Gogh to be stylish and eye-catching – it can even be a family portrait.


  1. Colour Theme

It’s generally a good idea to stick to the same colour tones so that a room is not too distracting when you walk in.  Whether it’s sofa cushions, lampshades or curtains, try and stick to the colours within the same family.  A colour wheel is a great cheat tool to do this.



  1. A Feature Wall to Spruce Up your Home

The concept of a feature wall is not new, but yet, not every room has one.  A feature wall will draw your eyes directly to it and make an impression on everyone that walks into the room.


  1. Upgrade your Storage Space

You may have a stylish apartment, but if its full of clutter THAT’s the first thing people will notice about your living space.  Invest in storage space to keep your place clean and beautiful.  It doesn’t need to be expensive – a stylish fabric storage box can easily blend in with the rest of your apartment.



  1. Add Things that Make you Happy

You want to be comfortable in the space you’re in, and surrounded by things you love.  Whether it’s pictures of good memories, a map that represents your travels, or that sentimental piece of furniture your grandmother gave you, incorporate it into your living space.


  1. Textures and Textiles

Use a mix of materials to spice up a neutral décor and add contrast.


  1. Elongate your Space

Use high furniture to make the room looks bigger and the ceilings higher.


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