How to Protect Your Boat from the Scorching Summer Heat

How to Protect Your Boat from the Scorching Summer Heat

That time of the year when you spend days away from land on your little piece of floating heaven is here. The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves and the feeling of the sun hitting your cheeks while escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life are simply blissful.

But just as you should be applying sunscreen frequently, so should you be protecting your boat from the scorching summer heat. Follow these four essential steps to get started!


Step 1: Clean it completely

Before applying any form of protector to the surface, treat your boat to a full-scale cleaning session. When deciding which products to purchase, go for those that excel in maintaining your boat’s surface and gel coat.

When it comes to cleaning the interior of your boat, clean it based on the type of material it has. In most cases, a vinyl cleaner and polish are good choices as they help prevent the material from flaking or cracking.

You can easily find boat cleaning products from local boat stores, marinas or even online.

Step 2: Apply protectant

Once your boat is spick and span, it’s time to apply the protectant, a product designed to preserve the boat’s material and gel coat. In doing so, you’ll be preventing them from fading or oxidizing, which the sun can so harshly cause.

It is generally advisable to choose products that are heavy-duty, such as polymers. This product does wonders when it comes to defending your boat from the sun; it is just like a sunscreen for your boat!

Step 3: Maintain it daily

As with any big investment in life, buying a boat means that you should be prepared to look after it 24/7. And that’s why we recommend maintaining it daily when in use, for optimal performance and appearance.

For this reason, you should apply some daily maintenance products, normally coming in the form of sprays for ease of use, which will help protect the boat as well as the original protectant. Since such products typically also contain polymers in their formula, they act as further reinforcement to the protectant. Additionally, they also help rid the boat from harmful chemicals and from the sun’s powerful rays.

Step 4: Always cover it

Last but certainly not least, you should always cover your boat when it’s resting. Leaving it exposed will only allow the heat from the sun to increase the oxidation process. Therefore, invest in a quality cover that you can use all year round.

One last tip is to always clean your boat before covering it, freeing it from salt, bacteria and grime that will certainly not do it any good!

While you’re doing your best to protect your ride from the elements, leave its protection from the unexpected in our hands. With Boat Insurance from Laferla, you’ll benefit from an excellent cover allowing you to sail with the ultimate peace of mind. Get a free online quote today!