How to Prevent Injury when Exercising

How to Prevent Injury when Exercising

Injury can really set you off track, especially when you’ve finally got into a workout schedule that works for you. Injuries when working out are not uncommon, as you are putting a lot of pressure on your body.  Although sometimes injuries when exercising are unavoidable, there are steps you can take to prevent injury.  Here are our top tips on how to prevent injury when exercising.

  1. Rest

If you’re well into your workout plans, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘Rest Day’ by now.  Rest days are those days that you don’t exercise – quite literally a rest from training.  Your body needs time to recover in order to not overstrain your body.  If you’re afraid you’ll lose your routine, replace one of your sessions with a less intense training that day, for example with yoga.


  1. Stretch

After your workouts make sure to stretch properly to facilitate recovery.  Stretching after a workout will help with soreness and relieve pain.  Stretching will also improve with flexibility which will help you exercise effectively by improving your range of motion, and in turn help avoid future injuries.


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  1. Foam Rolling

Foam rolling increases circulation.  Like stretching, foam rolling relieves soreness as well as improves your range of motion by breaking apart the tension in your muscles.


  1. Warm-Up

Make sure your muscles are warm and that your blood is pumping to avoid injury as your muscles need enough oxygen to move properly.  A good warm-up prepares your body for exercise and can include a range of dynamic stretches.  Using a lower weight for your first set of strength training is also a great way to get that muscle ready and to prevent injury.


  1. Posture

Posture is key and one of the leading reasons for injury.  Performing an exercise wrongly could cause serious injury.  If it’s a new exercise, get the help of a personal trainer or gym buddy to spot you and check your posture.


  1. Vary your Training

Mix up your training with less intensive exercises, or vary your routine so that you don’t put all of your pressure on the same muscles all the time.  Whether its yoga or swimming, adding a new type of training to your schedule will also deter boredom and keep you motivated.


  1. Build Strength

Don’t attempt certain exercises or at certain weights before building up your strength.  If you’re not ready to perform an exercise or move, this could likely result in injury.  Instead, slowly build up your strength.  The result will be much more rewarding.


  1. Have the Right Gear

Make sure you’re getting the support you need from important workout gear, like your shoes, in order to prevent injury.  This is particularly true for exercises on your feet, such as running.  Wearing the wrong pair of trainers, or shoes designed for something else, can cause injuries.



  1. Speak to an Expert

Don’t ignore nagging pains that you hope will just go away.  Get yourself checked before you cause some serious damage.  It’s better to sort out any injuries as early as you can before putting more strain on them.


  1. Recovery

If you have already been injured, don’t make the mistake of rushing back into training.  Give your body the time it needs to heel, otherwise you risk making more damage.


Protecting your health should always be a priority.  Whether it’s avoiding injury or investing in a health insurance plan from Laferla, make sure your health is protected.