Tips and Tricks for Making a Small Apartment Feel Bigger

Tips and Tricks for Making a Small Apartment Feel Bigger

You may dream about owning a big house instead of your small crib, but truth is small apartments offer so many unexpected benefits that are often overlooked. Small apartments are cosy, allow for more creativity, require less cleaning time and are more environmental-friendly. It’s true that space may be an issue with small apartments, but the good news is that there are several easy ways of creating the illusion of a bigger place when it comes to decorating.

Follow our tips and tricks below for a more spacious feel and look!

Go for light colours

When decorating a small space, a rule of thumb is to avoid darkness, shadows and clutter and instead focus on expanding light and open space. For this reason, when choosing your wall paint colour, choose lighter shades since darker shades absorb light rather than reflect it.  For a cosier atmosphere, go for off-white rather than pure white paint as the latter will make a room flat and cold.

Flooring and ceiling should also be light-coloured if you wish to make a room feel airy. However, rather than using the same tone everywhere, we would recommend going for similar yet slightly different tones for more composure.

Use carpets to distinguish between areas

This is especially useful for studio apartments as it helps separate one room into smaller spaces, highlighting its different purposes. Moreover, just like vertical stripes on clothing pieces make one look taller or slimmer, it would be a great idea to consider having one of your carpets with a striped pattern to elongate the space. Place this in line with the longest side of your room for the most favourable effect.

Be unconventional with curtains

Curtains, apart from taking up unnecessary space when they’re heavy, they also reduce light. As previously mentioned, light is the trick here. Thus, consider leaving your windows uncovered. Alternatively, for privacy reasons, replace curtains with roman shades or blinds as they give the image of a less crowded space.

Although you won’t be using curtains for windows, that doesn’t mean you won’t be using curtains at all. In fact, a great idea would be to use curtains instead of doors; for example, using them to cover your closet, instead of using a traditional wardrobe. Keep doors for the bathroom and the bedroom but remove them from anywhere else.

Say yes to mirrors

For small apartment owners, mirrors should become your new best friend. Not only do they increase the depth of a room, but as they reflect both natural and artificial light, they also make spaces look brighter.  For the greatest results, place a mirror opposite a window to reflect the outdoors and hence, give a sense of openness. What’s more, it’s no secret that well-placed mirrors immediately make a room look more stylish and fabulous!

Be smart with storage

Jam-packed shelves make a place look crowded and somewhat disorganised. For small apartment owners, avoiding this becomes even more important with the limited space available. So be sure to cover up storage as much as possible and if you’re fond of open shelving, ensure to keep your shelves looking fresh by leaving at least 10% of the entire shelf space empty.

When storage is a struggle, another hack to try out is buying furniture that is multi-purpose, say, an ottoman that has storage space inside of it or a bed with built-in drawers underneath.  Watch out for such items when furniture shopping, you never know which creative bargain you may come across!

At the end of the day, what’s important is not whether you own a large villa or a tiny apartment, but that you have a place which you call home, offering you warmth and comfort. Prioritise the security of your home with Home Insurance from Laferla. Get a free online quote today.