How to Keep Motivated whilst Exercising

How to Keep Motivated whilst Exercising

Working out is as much mental training as it is physical, and it can sometimes be hard to find the motivation to get moving.  Whilst getting into a routine is important for sticking to your workout schedule, there are those days when frankly, we don’t even want to get out of bed! Excuses seem to flow out naturally, and the most exercise you’ll get all day is making your coffee. To keep you going, we’ve listed our top tips on how to keep motivated whilst exercising:


  1. The 3:1 Rule

For every demotivating thought or excuse, combat it with 3 positive thoughts or reasons why to workout.  Our negative thoughts sometimes, unfortunately, overcome the positive ones, and so it may take some convincing.  After 3 positive reasons why to work out, hopefully, you won’t think of any other excuses not to exercise!


  1. Convert your Stress

After a bad day at work, the last thing you may feel like doing is going to the gym. But why limit your self to a gym workout?  Why not take a class where you can convert your stress into something positive and/or competitive such as martial arts or kickboxing?  You will use your energy positively, and will even feel better after the workout instead of still feeling angry about whatever has happened that day.


Keep Motivated when exercising


  1. Set a Goal

Sign yourself up for a race or competition to give yourself that little push to stick to your workout routine.  With a set date and target to aim for, especially if you’ve already paid for it, your goals become more real and immediate.


  1. Have an Accountability Partner

Whether it’s a gym buddy or an Instagram fitness account, make yourself accountable.  This way it will be harder to cancel gym sessions or to slack on your goals.


  1. Find the Right Tunes

Upbeat music can boost your mood and help you keep motivated whilst exercising and to get on board your next workout.  Even listening to music at work or on your way to the gym, will get your heart pumping and looking forward to the workout.


  1. Don’t Quit Because of One Bad Workout

We all have them. Perhaps today wasn’t your greatest workout, but that’s no reason to quit.  Whilst on some days we may underperform, on others we rule our workout! So just pick yourself up and make sure you try your best tomorrow.


  1. Remember Why you Started

It’s easier to stay in bed instead of waking up to go to the gym, or to curl up in front of the television after work instead of going for a run.  But when temptation gets a hold of you, just remember why you decided to work out in the first place, why you bought all your workout clothes and researched exercises.  The motivation you had at the start of your journey will come back to you.


  1. Consider it as ‘You Time’

The older we get, the more of ourselves we give to others, whether it’s to our children, to our elderly parents, or at work.  Look at exercising as special time dedicated to making yourself look and feel better, and realise that sometimes it’s important to put yourself first.


  1. Track your Progress

Whether it’s by taking before and after photos, tracking weights and running times, tracking your progress is an important way to keep motivated whilst exercising by letting you look back on all that you’ve achieved.


  1. Believe in Yourself

Believe that you are able to do it, and don’t just give up because of self-doubt.  Although it may take longer for some than for others, constant and steady training will get you where you want to be.


Put your health first and take care of yourself! Whether you start a training schedule, or invest in a health insurance package,  take the first steps necessary to protect your health.