7 Tricks to Have a Great Workday

7 Tricks to Have a Great Workday

Finding motivation to go to work can be tough sometimes unless you know it’s going to be a fabulous day. Don’t wait around for a great day to pop up, make it a great one yourself with these simple yet effective tricks below!

1) Crank up the music


Make the most of your commute to work by listening to some songs which truly make you feel good. It might be a good idea to create your own playlist to avoid having no choice but to listen to songs you don’t really enjoy or worse, to dreadful news or adverts on the radio. In this way, you’ll start the day on a positive note, relieving as much of the stress you may be facing as possible.

2) Remind yourself of your life goals

Whenever motivation levels are low, always remind yourself of the deeper reason why you’re there. It goes far beyond a client expecting you to meet a deadline or your boss expecting you to win a new sale. Remember why you chose that career in the first place- whether it’s because you want to help your community, to save the planet or to give your family a better life, today’s your chance to get one step closer to achieving that goal.

3) Kick negativity away

Ain’t nobody got time for negativity! Most of the time, our work days are dulled by those around us – there’s always that person who complains all the time or that person who somehow enjoys giving others a hard time. As much as you can avoid these people and instead connect with those exuding positive energy whenever they go.

While you’re here… always remember to leave the house with a smile on your face!

4) Focus on priorities

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you look at your never-ending list of things to do. But that’s only because you’re not prioritising your tasks in order of importance yet. So, before you start panicking that you don’t have enough time to do everything, start with what’s most important first. In doing so, you’ll soon realise that you’ll get the big chunk of the work out of the way quickly and efficiently.

5) Don’t overwork

Staying late at work to get things done often results in a lack of productivity, leaving you feeling even more stressed and exhausted. After all, the human body was certainly not made to work for hours on end. Research suggests that, on average, in eight-hour workdays, employees are only productive for about 3 hours! This explains why countries such as Sweden are giving the six-hour workday a go. An experiment has shown that a shorter workday forces the team to prioritise effectively, limit interruptions as well as increase the quality of work.

6) Take a break


Just as you shouldn’t work long hours at work, so shouldn’t you work non-stop. Apart from your lunch break, take those occasional little breaks for a coffee, a walk or a catch-up session with colleagues. Once you call it a day at work, do something that truly helps you unwind and brings you happiness. If you don’t, you’ll risk waking up the next day feeling even less motivated and more mentally exhausted!

7) End it with gratitude

Wrap up your day by reflecting on why you should feel grateful today. Why not keep a journal and write something in it every day? One big mistake many people are guilty of is not appreciating what they have; a negative trait which holds them back from facing the day, and life in general, with a positive outlook.

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