Hobbies to Take Up During Lockdown

Hobbies to Take Up During Lockdown

With some free time on our hands, it’s probably the best opportunity to use our time productively.  As fatigue starts to slowly set in, the best way to fight mental exhaustion is to keep your brain and hands active. Perhaps learning a new language has been on your to-do list? Or starting a new project?  There are thousands of online classes available to try that will keep your mind off of things and to keep your hands busy, ranging from crafts to marketing on platforms such as Udemy and Domestika.  All you need to do is apply.  Here are our picks for new hobbies during lockdown and online classes to take up, either learning from scratch or perhaps simply refining your skills. And you can do them all from the comfort of your own home:


Ceramic Making

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, quite literally, then a ceramics class will teach you manual art and various basics such as the different types of materials required, moulding and different modelling techniques, drying, enamels and decorative techniques. It’s a great hobby to take up and continue to develop your skills with, and when it comes to beginners can be done at home.  For those items that don’t require a clay oven, all you would need is basic beginner items such as clay, a roller, decorative items and acrylic paints.



Hobbies During Lockdown


A somewhat easier alternative in terms of supplies and equipment, painting is said to be a form of meditation and can bring a sense of relaxation to the mind. You can do it from the comfort of your own home and try your hand at experimenting.  Depending on what type of painting technique you go for, you’ll of course need paint, a palette knife, a palette, acrylic primer, a ruler, brushes, tracing paper, an illustration board and other fundamental supplies you can purchase from any art store providing delivery services. You can alternatively also try a simple painting course that will teach you about which supplies you need, gradients and colours, painting in layers, brushstrokes as well as other basics.





An excuse for solo walks in the countryside, or even to take shots of your puppy as he tries to sleep in peace, photography goes beyond more than just clicking a button. Photography is about capturing different subjects, be it landscape or food, animals or people; using light to your advantage and managing different exposures; as well as framing and editing images at the end of the photography spectrum.  To get started, all you need is a camera. A puppy to take photos of would help too, but that’s secondary.




Hobbies During Lockdown


If you derive satisfaction from building things, why not consider carpentry or woodwork? With furniture stores closed, you might want to try your hand at building your own chair or stool.  Woodwork may be a bit harder to take up if you do not have the appropriate space, but a small area in a garage if you are lucky to have one will do.  Similarly, the tools required are not too big or expensive to purchase and include a ruler, sandpaper, a hammer and a jigsaw amongst other fundamental tools.  There are plenty of online woodworking courses that you can try to get you started and to guide you to avoid hurting yourself, that will also teach you the techniques needed, when to use the appropriate tools, the hows of different materials as well as their appropriate sizes and thickness.




Even if you don’t have any outdoor space, you can still take up gardening indoors to use your spare time productively.  Gardening is said to be a calming agent, as it ultimately allows you to care, grow and nurture a living thing.  Plants may not wag their tail when they see you, but they still depend on your care and attention to survive.  And similarly to raising a pet, in order to grow your own plants, you will need to know what you need to do to keep them alive, how often and how much water and food to give them, as well as how to fight off pests.  Take the time to learn the fundamentals of plant structure as well as how to repot plants if needed. Besides green fingers, the other items you need like compost and pot are easily accessible and inexpensive to buy.




Hobbies During Lockdown


A skill that you can take anywhere with you, needlework will help you get through long periods of time, wherever you are – even if that place is in a waiting room!  Now is the perfect time to learn about different techniques, hooks and different types of stitches to keep you busy.  There are so many types of needlework to learn – from knitting to crochet, and cross-stitch to embroidery – that it will really fill up your time.  All you need are items that you probably already have in your house like scissors and paper, and other items that can easily be supplied such as a cushion, needles and yarn.


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