Healthy Heat: Warmth and Wellbeing

Healthy Heat: Warmth and Wellbeing

Malta’s climate has plenty of advantages: long stretches of sunny days; mild winters; and friendly temperatures that encourage months of beach time. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that our winter is uncomfortably damp. Are you frustrated by high electricity bills and inefficient gas and electric heaters? Laferla recommends Healthy Heat ( – a Maltese company that provides revolutionary heaters. We’ve tried and tested their products and we love them!


Electric bills are an understandable concern. Healthy Heat’s elegant infrared panels triumph over standard devices, though, because they don’t waste time converting expensive energy into heat. Instead, panels turn all output into warmth. The benefits are obvious; people typically save up to 50% on their heating costs. Customers also save money through installation costs. Whereas central heating systems involve expensive piping excavations, panels don’t require any maintenance. All that’s involved are screws (or a stand) and a socket. Simple!

Green Energy

These days, everyone feels pressure to help the environment. Most heaters do the opposite. They make considerable “carbon footprints” by releasing pollutants into the air. Gas and electric devices also consume 30% more energy when turning electricity into heat – an inefficient two-step process. In contrast, Healthy Heat’s panels don’t involve flames, fuel lines, or combustion. They also skip pricey electrical consumption by directly turning all usage into heat.

Health Benefits

Would you have guessed that a heater could be wholesome?  Healthy Heat lives up to its name in more ways than one. First, Malta’s dews and damps are reduced from the home because infrared warms walls and ceilings – not just the air, so mold and mildew growth is less likely. Secondly, panels don’t blow dust or irritating particles around the room – a huge help for people that suffer from allergies. Lastly, medical research currently suggests that infrared heat is healthy; circulatory and immune systems appear strengthened by repeated exposure. It also seems that people who absorb more infrared heat enjoy better mental and physical health. Intrigued? Take a closer look at Healthy Heat! Its panels are on sale in convenient stores throughout the island, you can find them at:

  • The Atrium, Mriehel – Website
  • The House Shop, Ta ‘Xbiex – Website
  • Power Solutions, Qormi – Website
  • Calypso Manufacturing, Fgura – Website
  • ItalPaint, Mosta


Do you have any questions about safeguarding your home and household possessions?  Upgrading your house with heaters and various improvements is a great step – something that Laferla understands.

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