Great Holidays with the Lads

Great Holidays with the Lads

As part of the current global pandemic, we may have given up on our vacation plans, yet we mustn’t forget the importance of a good holiday – even if it is a staycation – as a part of the upkeep of our mental health.  The Movember movement focuses on health in men, not just physical but mental too, as 75% of all suicides in the UK alone are committed by males.  Since it’s November, we’re dedicating this post to great holidays with the lads, but of course, the ladies can tag along too!

Even if it’s just a weekend of lad banter, it’s vital to make time to relax and unwind.  We’ve gathered the top activities that you can either experience with the lads in Malta, or overseas when the pandemic starts to reside.

Golfing Weekend

A few days playing golf in the sun drinking cocktails seems like the epitome of relaxation.  Whether alone or by yourself, golf is the ultimate game to play whilst getting some fresh air and stretching your legs.

Fishing Holiday

Get away from everyone and breathe in the fresh air with a fishing trip that lets you bond with friends, unwind, and focus on a new skill.


A way to have a ball of a time, put in team effort, but remain socially distant, paintballing is always good fun. Just remember to pack a change of clean clothes as something tells us you’ll be needing it.

Road Trip

A trip abroad that will keep you away from crowds and public transport, a road trip is the only way to take a trip without any plans, visiting anything that catches your eye on the way, with no time restrictions on when and where you need to be.

holidays with the lads


Wine or Beer Tasting

If there is a brewery in the vicinity, an afternoon sampling beer accompanied by some light snacks makes for an excellent day out with the lads. If not, there are plenty of vineyards and wineries in Malta to explore and sample some pleasant drinks.

Supercar Experience

If you are away with the lads check for a supercar experience in the vicinity.  Drive a couple of laps around some challenging racetracks in a Lamborghini or Ferrari for the experience of a lifetime

Flying lessons

Get that high when soaring over the land in a small aircraft.  There are plenty of flying schools or aviation organisations, even locally, who you can contact for an hour or two in the sky.

holidays with the lads


Day on a Yacht

From land to air to sea, a day on a boat away from the crowds, whilst drinking beer and going for a cheeky swim, is enjoyable both in summer and during the cooler months.


With Movember focussed on the wellbeing of men’s mental state, and a push towards the awareness of male suicide, remember to take the time to give yourself a break and unwind.

If you feel your mental health has been seriously compromised, please seek the advice of a professional mental health specialist.


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