Getting Through Wanderlust when You Can’t Travel

Getting Through Wanderlust when You Can’t Travel

So, your holiday plans got cancelled at the beginning of the year,  you’re not sure when you’ll travel again next, and you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust.   With vaccines hoping to change all this albeit with no guarantee, we still don’t know when our next trip will be, or to where. Yet the urge to escape our daily lives is still there. The upside is that we now have more time on our hands to do the other things we have been meaning to try.

We’ve listed the best things to do to cure wanderlust, whilst we all wait for travel to get back to normal:


Build your Instagram Followers

Let’s face it, most of our Instagram accounts revolve around travel. Hundreds of photos per trip, or even per day of travelling, and no time to edit, or upload.  Now’s the time to work on building your Instagram followers and publishing those pics that you never got round to posting.  You may not be able to travel right now, but you can relive the memories online through social media apps or just by flipping through good old-fashioned photo albums.


Take advantage of deals

Any products or services related to travel are not selling much these days, so it’s probably the right time to get a great deal on that new suitcase you’ve been eyeing, or those travel accessories you need.


Do your Research

Look up scenic destinations, fun activities, and outdoor adventures, so that when borders are ready to open up again, all you need to do is pack your bags and go.  In addition, planning a trip will give you something to look forward to and brighten your spirits, as not travelling for a while would have surely put a damper on everyone’s plans and mood.


Save up!

Why not splurge on your next trip, having saved up from the holidays you would have gone on throughout the past year?  Keeping back from spending might not be the easiest thing to do right now, especially when stuck at home with easy access to internet shopping, but saving up will allow you to book the holiday you deserve after all the wait.


Listen to Travel Podcasts

Just because your body can’t travel, doesn’t mean your mind has to stay put too.  Sit back, close your eyes, and let your mind travel across borders as you listen to a travel podcast to cure that wanderlust. If podcasts are not your thing, simply reading a travel book will get your mind moving to a different country and living new experiences.


Take an Online Language Class

Always wanted to learn a new language? With more time on your hands this year, it may be a great time to finally get round to it, whilst simultaneously getting ready for your next trip.  Start now and you’ll probably be speaking it fluently by the time you get to travel there next year.


Or Learn a New Skill

Alternatively, learn a new skill that you will use when you next get to travel.  For example, getting your scuba certification locally so that you can explore the reefs of foreign oceans when the time comes. Although you won’t be travelling, it might almost feel as if you are, removing any wanderlust and giving you something to look forward to for trips to come.


Be part of an online travel community

Get tips and advice that will come in handy when you get to travel again from other travellers.  Or simply get to relive your travel experiences by giving tips and insights to others.


Make sure your Documents are up to date

Let’s imagine all this is over, and you finally get to travel again! You wipe the dust off of your passport and get to the airport only to find out that your passport is about to expire.  Some countries require that your passport be valid for another 6 months when travelling, so even though it may not technically be expired yet, it may not be accepted by travel authorities.


When you finally get to travel again, make sure you have a travel insurance policy with Laferla.  Learn more about our travel plans or get a quote here.