New Gadgets for Your Smart Home

New Gadgets for Your Smart Home

Ever dreamt of waking up to an alarm clock that emits the smell of a fresh cup of coffee, or owning a plant pot which takes care of the plant itself? Fortunately, this can all be made possible thanks to some clever new gadgets released this year!  Here are some of our favourite new gadgets released in 2016, which can turn your house into a smart home.

1. The Prizm Speaker

The Prizm Speaker is designed to understand what music you enjoy and when you enjoy listening to it.  The speaker connects to all your music-streaming accounts via Bluetooth and will automatically start to play music as soon as you walk into the room.  What makes this gadget even more clever is that if your friend walks into the room, and is also connected to Prizm, the speaker will play music that both of you enjoy.

2. The Parrot Pot

Plants are great for decorating and purifying the air in your home.  However, it’s not always easy to remember how often a certain plant needs to be watered and how much water it needs.  The Parrot Pot solves your problem by taking care of your plant for you.  The gadget comes with a ceramic pot that holds 2 litres of water, and it uses its knowledge of over 7,000 different species of plant to identify how frequently your plant needs to be watered and how much water it needs.

3. The D-Vine Decanter

If you love wine you will appreciate the importance of decanting your wine at the right temperature in order to enjoy it to perfection.  The D-Vine Decanter promises to make every glass of wine perfect by oxygenating your glass and setting your glass to the right temperature depending on the wine you are drinking.  Thanks to the gadget, you are able to taste your wine in the best condition possible every single time.

4. The Gesture-Controlled Bixi

The Bixi allows you to control all your devices and access your apps without ever touching your smartphone.  The device connects to your smartphone and allows you to Programme eight different hand gestures to mean different things for certain apps on your phone.  For example, you can answer an incoming phone call by moving your hand up or turn the page on your eBook by swiping your hand to the right.  You can also connect the Bixi to other smart devices such as your TV.

5. The LG TWIN Wash System

Hate doing the washing? So do we!  However, the LG TWIN Wash System allows you to get two loads done simultaneously – saving you both time and energy! The wash system is also WIFI-enabled so you can start your load while you are out as well as receive notifications on your phone when your loads are done.

6. The Sensorwake Alarm

Nothing quite beats the smell of a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning!  The Sensorwake Alarm is designed to gently wake you up every morning not with sound, but with a delicious smell of your choice!  These include coffee, toast, croissants, peppermint or even the seaside.  If you’re worried that the smell alone won’t wake you up, you can also set a backup alarm that will ring.

7. The Kube Speaker-Cooler

Throwing a party at your house?  The Kube is all you need to make your party unforgettable!  This gadget is a portable all-in-one sound system that is weatherproof as well as having Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity.  The speaker allows you to play your music up to a maximum of 125 decibels – that’s louder than your typical music concert – and has 20 hours of battery life!  If that’s not enough, the gadget also doubles up as a cooler for your drinks!

8. The Family Hub Fridge

Ever forget to buy something when you do your grocery shopping?  Not again! The Family Hub Fridge, designed by Samsung, allows you to see what’s in your fridge while you are out shopping thanks to it’s three built-in cameras and Wifi capability!  The fridge also features an LED screen which allows you to list any groceries which are missing straight away!  Still not impressed?  This fridge also allows you to stream your favourite music!

9. The Perfect Blend

Smoothies are a delicious and easy way of ensuring you get your five-a-day. The Perfect Blend makes sure that you always make the perfect smoothie by using a scale as well as a mobile app designed to let you know what you need to create a specific drink, as well as what speed to use and how long for.  It can also make suggestions for several smoothies or soups you can make just by giving it a list of ingredients that you have available.

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