Don’t Take These 9 Health and Beauty Tips for Granted

Don’t Take These 9 Health and Beauty Tips for Granted

As we get older, we come to realise that years of mistreating our skin, hair and even our bodies has led to premature ageing.  It could be a result of constantly using the wrong product, or of not using the appropriate products often enough.  A good skin routine will help to keep you looking youthful, and taking proper care of your hair will keep it strong.  But no matter what age you are, you can still prevent further damage to your body by not taking any of these health and beauty tips for granted:


  1. Exfoliate, but not too often

Exfoliation is necessary to remove any dead skin cells that accumulate over your body, allowing new cells to generate in their place.  However, exfoliating too often, or with unsuitable products such as those containing ground fruit pits, can irritate or even tear the skin.  Damaged skin would mean that your skin is more vulnerable to toxins as well as more susceptible to sun damage. Try to exfoliate around twice a week or three times maximum.


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  1. Use fragrance-free products

Whether it’s a moisturiser, a shower gel or a body lotion, the probability is that it contains perfume.  Although the scent of a product is a huge selling point, fragrance can irritate your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive.  Use professional-grade skincare products as these usually come fragrance-free or have fragrance-free options.


  1. That’s not a tan, that could be skin damage

Skin damage caused by sun exposure is one of the leading factors for premature wrinkles and skin ageing.  During the day, your skin is constantly exposed to UV rays, even if it’s a rainy day, or you are sitting by a window or driving in your car.   The image of truck driver Bill McElligott’s skin damage on only one side of his face is a testament to the fact that you should wear sunscreen every day.   Use sunscreen with an SPF no lower than 30, with 50 or higher being the best, even on cloudy or rainy days,  even if you intend to stay indoors, and no matter your skin colouring.


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  1. Beware of sulphates

Sulphates can be a cause for skin irritation or hair damage, and they can be found in face washes, shampoos, and even toothpaste.  Sulphates make such products produce foam, which is usually associated with extra cleanliness. However, they could be responsible for leaving your skin and hair vulnerable to damage.


  1. Be gentle when drying your hair

Rough drying or brushing your wet hair can cause damage and breakage. After a shower, gently use the towel to remove moisture and brush it with a specific detangling brush or product.


  1. Consider using a heat-shield on your hair

Apply a heat shield before using hair straighteners, curlers or similar heating tools.  Heat shields are intended to do exactly as the name implies, shield your hair from heat-related damage.


  1. Don’t wash your hair every day

Did you ever notice that the more often you wash your hair, the greasier it gets?  That’s because washing your hair too often removes its natural oil and so your scalp overcompensates to replace this oil.  On consecutive hair washing days, try to use conditioner only.


  1. Warm up before working out!

Exercising with cold muscles is one of the key factors for injuries at the gym.  Your muscles must be warm before exercising, your blood pumping and your muscles getting the oxygen they need.  Instead of just doing static stretches before a workout, go for dynamic stretches and movements to make sure that your muscles are ready.


  1. Don’t brush your teeth straight after eating acidic foods

Whilst eating or drinking foods with higher levels of acidity, such as orange juice, your tooth enamel is weakened.  Brushing your teeth straight away after consuming such food items can, for lack of a better term, eat away at your teeth’s enamel.


Your body is your vehicle in life and it should be taken care of properly.  Small changes to your daily routine such as these health and beauty tips can generate a big impact on your overall health and appearance.  A Silver or Gold Health Insurance Plan from Laferla can also help. Laferla offers a wide range of cover from specialist consultation fees and physiotherapy, as well as dental treatment and skin cancer screening under the Gold Plan. For more information about our Health Insurance Plans or to get a quote, get in touch today.