Don’t Put Your Pet at Risk: Unseen Dangers

Don’t Put Your Pet at Risk: Unseen Dangers

Owning a pet entails the responsibility and care that it takes to raise a child. Little dangers are all around and we may not have even considered them a danger until the worst happens. Here are some dangers to consider to help avoid putting your pet at risk:


  1. Heat

Depending on whether you’re a summer or winter person, you may love Malta’s hot summers and long days at the beach.  However, our bodies respond to the heat differently than those of our animals. Add to the heat Malta’s high humidity levels, our pets can really struggle to cool themselves down.  To help your best bud, make sure to provide them with lots of water, and when outdoors provide them with some shade that does not obstruct a passing breeze.  Although exercise for your pet is important, limit the amount of exercise on hot days, and try to choose times during the day when the temperature is a bit cooler.  If your dog starts to pant excessively, have difficulty breathing, have a lack of energy or excessive thirst, these might be signs of heatstroke.  Symptoms can also be more severe, such as dizziness and vomiting, so make sure to cool your dog down at the slightest signs.


  1. Poisonous Food

Our bodies and those of our pets process food differently, and what is considered good for us may not be good for them.  Let’s take dogs for example.  Whilst an avocado is considered a healthy food staple for us humans, it is actually poisonous for man’s best friend.  And it’s not just avocados.  Check our list of 6 harmful foods to never feed your dog, and when in doubt check with a veterinary so that your pet is not at risk.


  1. Batteries

So, you may be thinking that batteries are a harmful substance for animals and you would never allow them to eat one. Yet, batteries are found in toys, remote controls and other devices that pets LOVE to play with.  It would not be so unthinkable for your pet to accidentally ingest a battery when playing with such toys, or another of man’s best friends – the TV remote control.  The poisonous substances in batteries can burn your pet’s internal digestive organs, or the battery itself may even create a blockage.  As a result, your furry buddy might refuse to eat, vomit or have diarrhoea, show signs of abdominal pain, have excessive drooling and even have burns in their mouth.  Make sure to contact you vet if you suspect that your pet has ingested a battery, even if just part of it.



  1. Plants

Plants brighten up any home, and if you’re one of the lucky ones with space of a garden, they’re an absolute must.  Yet, just like food, not all plants are good for your pets, and some may even be considered toxic.  For example, a Maltese favourite Narċis, or Narcissus in English, has toxins that might be harmful to your dog and cause drooling, vomiting and abdominal pain.  Make sure to check which garden plants are harmful to your dog or pet, and as usual, check with your vet if you notice any symptoms of plant poisoning or are not sure whether your garden plants are toxic to your pets.


  1. Small Spaces

Whilst Claustrophobia, the fear of confined spaces, may be real to many of us humans, our pets seem to just love small spaces.  Especially cats.  The smaller the space the more determined your cat may be to fit in it.  It is not uncommon for cats to get their heads stuck in jars, and can even sneak into your washing machine without you noticing.  Make sure not to leave dangerous spaces accessible to your pets, and always check small spaces, such as the area above your car tyres, or inside your dryer, before switching anything on so that your pet is never at risk.


Making sure that no harm comes to your pet may take some proactive work, and as they say, prevention is better than cure. Yet, there are other times when things are harder to prevent.  Laferla’s Pet Insurance is designed to help cover costs when your pet gets hurt or sick, which otherwise might even be unaffordable.  Get a quote today.