5 Most Common Travel Insurance Questions

5 Most Common Travel Insurance Questions

Travel insurance is one of your most important purchases for a trip— regardless of how long you are travelling for, it is vital.

Many travellers refer to travel insurance as an extra, something that they can do without. However, it’s just as important as your flight and accommodation. It protects yourself against the unforeseen.

We understand, that this insurance product can be somewhat of a confusing topic. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the five most common travel insurance questions we typically receive.

Note: There are few universal rules in travel insurance so be sure to read the fine print of your policy to find out the specifics of what is and isn’t covered. The below answers are no substitute for checking your actual policy! Policy wordings and conditions vary greatly from country to country and company to company. #

What is travel insurance?

It’s emergency care if things unexpectedly take a turn for the worse. Depending on the policy you purchase, it can be there for when your luggage is lost by the airline, when you fall hiking, get a parasite overseas, or need to cancel or cut your trip short because a close family member has passed away. It’s designed to assist you with accidents (both health and non-health related) and unexpected events you never could have predicted.

Is travel insurance just health insurance?

No, it’s much more than that. While there is cover available for sudden illnesses and accidental injuries, travel insurance can also cover trip cancellations, trip interruptions and loss or theft of your luggage or possessions. It also covers emergency transportation should you require immediate medical attention.
It’s there for unexpected emergencies. Broke a leg? Got food poisoning? Travel insurance has you covered. Want to visit a doctor for a physical or get a new crown on your tooth?  Travel Insurance won’t cover that. That’s where health insurance comes in.

My bank offers some protection. Isn’t that good enough?

Most banks, even the best, offer somewhat limited protection. Some offer coverage for lost or stolen items, medical expenses, and cancellation if you booked your trip with your bank card. However, they may not cover you for anything else, so you should always check. The coverage limit may also be low so you might be unpleasantly surprised when you come to pay the majority of the difference.
Always ensure to activate the policy before you travel. In some cases, you may not be covered until you do so.

How does the insurance actually work? Do they send me a card I can show the doctor?

If it’s a major-medical emergency requiring overnight hospitalisation or emergency repatriation, then you (or someone else) would have to contact the emergency assistance team so they can ensure that all arrangements and costs are approved. For any other situation, including day admission to hospital, you need to claim reimbursement from your insurer. To do this, you have to pay first and then submit documentation to the insurance company after the incident in order to get reimbursed. There’s no need to show any insurance documents to your doctor but be sure to keep all documentation, file any necessary police reports, and save all receipts. Insurance companies don’t reimburse you based on your word.

Can I purchase travel insurance online?

Yes you can. You can take advantage of excellent rates and terms with very wide cover available. Choose between three different tiers according to your requirements with peace of mind that as soon as your online transaction goes through your cover is in place. Laferla promises to settle all claims within just seven days.
We hope you never have to claim on your travel insurance, but, if you need to, you’ll be happy you bought it. Don’t avoid it because you think you’ll be OK. Travel insurance is a safeguard against the unexpected and unpredictable and you’ll be very thankful if you come to need it

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written by Keith Laferla

 Assistant General Manager