How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

As exciting as it, hunting for the perfect wedding dress can be stressful. But knowing which style to go for certainly makes things easier. Follow our guide below on how to pick the best wedding dress based on your body type. Let’s go!

Tips for a pear-shaped body

Women with a pear-shaped body have shoulders which are thinner than their hips, forming a triangular shape. For this reason, a rule of thumb is choosing a dress which enhances your neckline and draws away attention from your hips. This can be achieved by going for a strapless dress with a deep neckline, giving you the chance to show off your jewellery. Additionally, going for an A-line bottom, as in the case of ball gown dresses, are ideal for you.

Tips for an apple-shaped body

Apple-shaped bodies comprise of full waists but thin arms and legs. Once again, a deep neckline, specifically a V-style one, is your go-to bodice style. Beaded and embellished necklines are also a great idea since they help stray away attention from the widest part of your waist. High-waisted and flared bottoms are also recommended for apple-shaped bodies, subtly taking away the weight from your waist and instead, elongating your figure.

Tips for an hourglass body

If your shoulders and hips have the same width and your waist is defined, then you’re an hourglass (rectangular). With this body shape, it is advisable to go for a low-cut neckline to add exposure to your neckline. These can vary from halter tops to V-necks to sweetheart necks. What’s more, a low drop waist, a mermaid bottom or a trumpet skirt are all great choices as they excel at highlighting your curves. In other words, if you’re an hourglass, you’re a lucky one as almost every style can complement your body!

Some final tips!

  • Girls with a petite frame should avoid dresses that are too detailed and instead, focus on simple, fitted dresses.
  • Some of the most flattering styles for plus-size girls are empire waists, dresses with ruching and cumber-band waistlines.
  • If you’re busty, the first thing to consider is picking the right neckline; off-the-shoulder or sweetheart necklines are two fine choices.
  • On the contrary, a plunging or a high-cut neckline is the way to go for girls with a small bust.
  • Finally, never pick a dress just because the latest trends say so; always go for the one that makes you feel at your best!

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