Cars and the Sea – Not the Best of Friends | Car Insurance

Cars and the Sea – Not the Best of Friends | Car Insurance

Waking up next to the majestic sight of the sea and breathing in its salty breeze is one of the greatest luxuries living on an island like Malta allows for. However, while you might be benefiting from the daily experience of living near the sea, your car more than likely isn’t. Indeed, cars that are continuously exposed to such an environment are at higher risk of damage, and while some vehicles are made with materials that are more resistant to rust and corrosion, not all cars have this added protection.

The risk of rust formation comes from the car’s contact with the salt water that would frequently be blown on it, and the closer to the shore a car is, the higher the risk of such repercussions occurring. The top portions of the car, including the roof, boot, bonnet, and upper edges of the doors, are more prone to rust.

The best solution for rust prevention is making sure that your car is constantly protected – if a garage is not available, using a sturdy cover is the next best option. In addition to this, park your car as far from the sea as possible. Also, continually check your car for signs of rust so that you will be able to solve the issue in its early stages.

Salty humidity can lead to the corrosion of certain vital parts like the brake callipers, as well as the car’s nuts and bolts. While these parts can be replaced, it is essential to do so sooner rather than later, as extensive corrosion can lead to malfunctions and can make replacing the car a less costly option than fixing it. One must be extremely cautious, as damage is not usually perceptible until the car is 5 to 7 years old.

Sunny and salty environments also put your car’s finish at risk, and this is not just an aesthetic issue, as it will ultimately lead to more corrosion. Car owners should make sure to wash their vehicles at least once every two weeks, and apply a wax coating once per month. During this process it is always necessary to examine the car for scratches, bubbling, or flaking, all of which mean potential trouble.

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