Cancer Prevention Superfoods: Papaya and Grapefruit

Cancer Prevention Superfoods: Papaya and Grapefruit

With November already here, there no better time to focus on men’s health, and with prostate cancer being one of the most cancers to affect men worldwide, it’s important to incorporate a healthy diet that increases your chances of prevention. We’re looking at some more cancer prevention superfoods, to introduce to your diet.

Go for Pink – Even in November

There has been a lot of research on cancer-preventative foods, which may be able to slightly reduce the chances of being diagnosed with cancer.  One of the most promising foods is the antioxidant, Lycopene found in red oranges, papaya, tomatoes, watermelons and pink grapefruits – to name a few.  What will stand out is that these foods are all similar in colour, a factor which is down to Lycopene itself.  So when we think pink for breast cancer awareness, but for all cancers in general.

cancer prevention superfoods

How Does it Work?

Lycopene is believed to safeguard cells from damage, which is ultimately one of the main causes of cancer – damages to cells.   Lycopene is also believed to help heart disease, and to lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol, although studies remain uncertain and research is still ongoing.

How Do You Eat It?

As a result, lycopene is easy to incorporate into daily meals, – whether it is eating a selection of fruit, sundried tomatoes with your salad or a rich tomato sauce with your pasta, or a homely tomato soup or grapefruit juice. Cooked lycopene has been found to be easier to absorb by the body.  According to Prostate Cancer UK, lycopene is not stored in the body for long periods, so the consumption of foods containing lycopene would need to be consumed regularly.

cancer prevention superfoods

Other foods believed to help slow the growth of prostate cancer are pomegranates, green tea, as well as soy, lentils and cruciferous vegetables.

Although there is a strong belief that lycopene and these cancer prevention superfoods can help prevent cancer, research is still inconclusive.  It’s important to eat a healthy balanced diet and avoid processed foods.

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