How to Plan an Amazing Family Holiday on a Budget

How to Plan an Amazing Family Holiday on a Budget

Family holidays are wonderful; taking a break from the routine, exploring places together, introducing your little ones to new experiences and above all, collecting memories to remember for years to come. But truth is, when not planned wisely, they can end up costing you a fortune.

This is your guide on how to plan an amazing family holiday on a budget!

Choose an affordable destination

First things first, do proper research on the most economical family-friendly places to travel to in a particular moment in time.

Depending on the type of holiday you’re aspiring for, be it a city, beach or mountain break, you’re bound to find destinations more budget-friendly than others if you look well enough around the globe. Low-priced accommodation choices and dining out options, tourist attractions without a charge as well as free outdoor activities are all features of an affordable destination.

Consider also choosing a country within the eurozone or one with a good exchange rate. Or better yet, consider signing up to a digital banking alternative, such as Revolut, to get real exchange rates and completely avoid any extra fees.

Travel at off-peak times

Needless to say, coinciding a family vacation with children’s school holidays is the most natural choice for most parents. But this can only mean one thing; a super expensive holiday with lots of crowds.

Although it might be difficult, we recommend finding alternative dates for your trip to make it as budget-friendly as possible. For instance, consider taking your trip in September, right before your young ones go back to school, rather than in July or August.

Remember that by travelling in the low season, it’ll often be easier to book time off from your work too!

Save money on flights

It may be tempting to book flights, accommodation and excursions from a travel agent. But while this may be highly convenient, it may not always be the cheapest option out there.

Instead, take things online. Platforms such as Google Flights or Skyscanner compare the cost of different airlines and dates, guiding you to the best deals within your budget. Once that step is complete, buy your flights online and as early as possible for early bird deals. Additionally, travel low-cost and light, without too much extra baggage.

Opting to fly out mid-week as opposed to the weekend and travelling in the early morning or late night are other tricks of how to get your hands on the cheapest flights.

Say no to hotels

These days, it’s crazy how little you can sometimes pay to rent super comfortable and well-kept holiday homes or apartments when compared to growing hotel prices. For big groups or long holidays, they are certainly the perfect option.

Besides, such accommodation is often fully-equipped, boasts incredible locations and offers lots of space for your children to play and have fun!

Get cooking

Another major benefit of opting for a holiday home or an apartment is that you’ll be able to prepare your meals, without having to eat out all the time. After all, food is always one of the biggest vacation expenses.

Although you may dislike the idea of having to cook while on holiday, the exciting thing is that you’ll get a taste of local food markets and you could experiment with new products you won’t find back home. What’s more, by eating in on some days, you’ll be able to eat out in fancy restaurants on other days!

Don’t forget snack time

We all know how often children get hungry and how likely they are to moan about it. So, buy supplies in advance and refrain from having to buy the first thing you find while out.

Et voilà! With a little bit of thought and planning, you can have the family holiday of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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