Breast Cancer Awareness: How You Can Help

Breast Cancer Awareness: How You Can Help

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and the most important thing you can do this month is make a commitment to yourself to check yourself for breast cancer on a regular basis. Damaged cells in the breast tissue may form a lump or malignant growth in the breast. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women in the US alone will be diagnosed with breast cancer, so we cannot stress enough the importance to have regular doctor’s visits as well as to check yourself daily. Men too are also susceptible to breast cancer, so it’s important that men too are aware of the risk.

But being aware of breast cancer and getting yourself checked regularly, is not all you can do.  There are many other ways you can help those already suffering from breast cancer.


  1. Donate Your Hair

Donating your hair is a simple but amazing way to help those suffering from cancer, be it breast cancer or otherwise.  What you may take for granted every day might mean the world to someone who has lost their hair due to chemotherapy treatments.  Wigs made out of real hair are scarce, as many samples that are sent in may not be useable.  In order for hair to be used to be made into a wig, it must be of a certain length, and must not have been bleached or dyed.  Do your research on which organisations to donate your hair to and make sure your hair qualifies with the requirements.  If so, it’s a great way to do good, whilst giving yourself a makeover in the meantime.

  1. Organise a Fundraiser

Doing your part for breast cancer awareness doesn’t have to be difficult.  Organising a fundraiser can be as simple as selling homemade cupcakes, whereby you will be raising money that can be donated to an organisation that either helps with breast cancer awareness, with research or even one that treats cancer patients.  Another option is to get the whole family involved and organise a car wash, a lottery, a car sales… the opportunities are endless.  If you’re not much of an organiser, take part in any activities that may be happening around your area, such as participating in a breast cancer awareness walk.


  1. Volunteer

You don’t need to organise a fundraiser yourself to be of help.  If it all sounds like too much, you can instead volunteer to help organisers with their fundraisers.  Your time is gold, and using it to raise awareness and help others is just as valuable.


  1. Donate

Some people prefer to give monetary donations, and that’s great too.  Whether donating to breast cancer research, to hospitals or clinics specialising in treatment of patients, or just donating towards breast cancer awareness, these funds would be used towards a greater good.


  1. Share your Story

If you or a family member has experienced living with breast cancer, don’t be scared to share your story. Sharing your knowledge or experience can help encourage people to fight cancer, give people hope and may even save a life.  So, help bring about breast cancer awareness and share your story.


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